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Vegas Golden Knights - Boooring..

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Las Vegas was granted a new NHL team and the name has now finally been reveled. Vegas Golden Knights, vegas golden knights.. Does it roll on your tongue like Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins or New York Rangers. It dosn't. Not atleast on my tongue. Vegas Golden Knights. I mean it't not the worst there is, but it's definitely not my favorite name for a hockey franchise. I've never been to Las Vegas, but the whole city is built on good times, fun and laughter. What's the fun in knights? Those steel suited men riding horses and killing peasants. I'm sorry, but it's not making me laugh or feeling good. Of course, I'm not the target group, but you could have seriously been more fun and exciting. When was fun written in steel grey, gold, red and black? Steel grey.. seriously, when was fun steel grey?

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