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Animetyttöjä ja Pseudopolitiikkaa: Ibn Khaldun

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Musulmaanin metkuista löytyy paaaaaljon muutakin kuin koraani. Seuraava katkelma kuulostaa hyvin paljon länsimaiselta syövältä jossa elämme; Ibn Khaldun: "...The ruler seeks the help of clients and followers against the men of his own people and group feeling.   The ruler shows himself independent of his people, claims all the glory for himself, and pushes his people away from it with the palms (of his hands). As a result, his own people become, in fact, his enemies. In order to prevent them from seizing power, and in order to keep them away from participation (in power), the ruler needs other friends, not of his own skin, whom he can use against (his own people) and who will be his friends in their place. These (new friends) become closer to him than anyone else. They deserve better than anyone else to be close to him and to be his followers, as well as to be preferred and to be given high positions, because they are willing to give their lives for him, preventing his own people from regaining the power that had been theirs and from occupying with him the rank to which they had been used.."   http://www.muslimphilosophy.com/ik/Muqaddimah/ ...jätkä on ilmeisesti pöllinyt paljon Platonilta. ...Valtio . Hieman samaa settiä.

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