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I eat a healthy diet with the exception of delicacies. They have been my problem. No matter how many additives, coloring agents, flavor enhancers, or even if the toxins in them, and still eat them. Plain food, however, I observe. Crazy? Black is. It's like those delights would not apply the same rules as ordinary foods. And there's nothing, if I eat them, say, once a week. I eat almost every day something like candy or sipsiä. I guess I'm kinda addicted to them. Should start candy and sipsilakko now for a little while, I guess they do not otherwise get rid of it! Convenience Store checkout is often working at one of the wonderful boy. Then I would never buy sipsiä or large bags of candy, but if I buy, so only a 100-gram sachet. I laugh sometimes be such a silly girl! Just as the boy does not then he could guess that I eat a little bit more goodies. Oh, and hardly something to trade cash now anyway interested in my shopping and eating. On the other hand pretty good, that is a limiting factor in my gluttony! Today I went to 50 minutes of jogging. Week should come to at least a further two hours of exercise more. Otherwise it's been quite an energetic day, and I got early in the morning to the University lectures. I took care of one of degree kurssikorvaavuuden, which I have tried to treat half a year and thinking about it almost every day. I have not yet taken kandintutkintoa out, because there is just such stupid little things to be done. Although I love the university, then slowly starting to feel like I figure that this step would already be over.

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