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Desperatehell: She cloaked herself in black

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Snow veil covered the ground a few days back and a thermometer points freezing numbers. The nature looks so sterile and I've been wandering in the middle of the woods with my camera at the risk of the fingers are freezing over as well as the skin of face. I love winter season and these beautiful landscapes, but some kind of arctic genes would be needed. But what to do when you have a new camera and the nature gives its best than go out to freeze? Nature photography is not meant for lazy or picky people. By the way I created a gallery which is still quite empty, but I will update it piecemeal. If you want to see more go to like my page: Click.  I've been on a vacation over this week so I've had time for multitasking. What a wicked modern term for us who are doing several things at the same time. A right hand doesn't know what the left one is doing, but I finally managed to go through all my wardrobes and I estimate that about one of thirds of all my clothes is going to recycling. I decided to clean with a heavy hand because there was so much belongings that I haven't worn in a long time and it annoys that all wardrobes are too full. Now it's easier to find clothes and arrange them into the cabinets. One reason is also that I have considered to get a pet during this year so I want to put all clothes and easily shattered wares into hiding. This project wasn't the easiest, but I could have given off even more. There is still a basement left, but I doubt that's the easiest part.  This day and tomorrow and it's time to return to the battlefield. Having been a week on the holiday  I kind of miss the regular life back, but then again there are the good sides of the holiday as well. 

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