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July and August

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As we have been freezing in a cold front directly from Siberia, it's a good time to look at summer photos, right? Let's enjoy my July and August. Because I want to support my friends, I try to attend every year. It's always such a happy event! Our dollhouse club held a summer camp for a week, and we ate very well.. these are THE best BLTs in the universe.. *click click* for the recipe. So in love with all the poppy petals. When your garden gives you rhubarb, you bake a rhubarb-almond galette. Summer knitting in fabulous candy colors. My sweet god daughter Jenni got married.  The bride was beautiful, the groom handsome, friends and family around.  Happy day. I made little things to sell at the fair which coincidentally was the day after the wedding, so I was in bed after midnight and up at 5am the next day..  Good fair, even if I nearly fell asleep. My allotment gave me flowers and food. And generally made me happy. Sweet peas! One of my top three favorites on my flower loving list. I had pink ones with white roses in my wedding bouquet. Caipirinha time. Cheers. I finished my socks. These are my bedtime socks. I can't fall asleep if my feet feel cold. The lilies finally bloomed. It took them forever. I visited a new-to-me yarn shop. I like when shop owners make a little effort in presentation :) I met new friends at the allotment... Some of my favorites from this year. I got fantastic carrots, great cucumbers and the mother of a tomato! That's a 400g (14oz) can of crushed tomatoes for comparison... Half a kilo... (1lbs) I chopped it up and added to the tomato sauce. Niina lifted the lid to add some to her plate, looked up in amazement.. "Mom, did you double the recipe?" "Nope. Just added one tomato..." *grin*

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