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Internet picture about the racist SC murderer, the American flag, and the confederate battle flag.

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I have seen a picture recently that ha s been circulating the internet since the horrible massacre at the church in South Carolina, where 9 black parishioners were murdered in a historically black church. The picture has these words:  "A crazy guy shoots up a church and you ban a flag (...) P eople stomp on the American flag, and you say it's their right? That's a special kind of stupid." Let's not water-down his very strongly-held beliefs and very real racist agenda by calling him "crazy". He thought about doing it, he planned how to do it, he had the hate in his heart, and he ended 9 people's lives over the color of their skin . He spent an hour with them in the church and, in an interview, he said he almost didn't do it because they were being so nice to him . His hate won out. The government has not "banned" the confederate battle flag. It's being removed from government buildings and other places of prominence because it's a symbol of racism and murderous insurrection by traitors to America. Some companies are (finally) getting on board, as well. See my write-up, " The South shall whine again " for slightly more on this. While I find it vile, disgusting, nasty, and appalling behavior, desecration of the American flag for the purpose of protest is considered protected free speech. Men and women have fought and died to uphold the value of free speech, which is honored in this country with almost complete disregard to what's being said- especially when it comes to protest. It is also not technically illegal, just disgusting- very, very disgusting. Speaking of free speech being especially important to protest- every time some ignorant fuckwit waves around a confederate battle flag, they are signalling pride in the murderous insurrection of America, and the traitors who orchestrated it. If America were at all hard-up on curbing speech of political protest, I can't imagine a more worthy cause than shutting down confederate-friendly chucklefucks who are literally waving around the flag of an army that invaded and attempted to overthrow America , let alone all the racist agenda for which it stood.

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