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The South shall whine again...

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The confederate states were traitors. The confederate states broke off from, and then invaded, the United States. The confederate states murdered Americans so they could keep slaves. If any other force invaded America, those who fly the confederate battle flag would have a shit fit- as well they should. How is it ok for you to have pride in the "heritage" that attempted to overthrow the U.S.? How is it ok to fly the battle flag- the actual rallying symbol- of that war? If the words "state's rights" comes out of your mouth, you are a God damned racism-denying asshole. The "rights" they attacked the U.S. for were fucking slavery, and you fucking know it. There's absolutely no spin to be placed, no blame to be shifted, no "heritage" to hide behind- the confederate battle flag has always been a symbol of anti-American insurrection, murder, and hate. If you support that flag, you're either a shitbag, or you've been brainwashed by shitbags. Wake the fuck up.

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