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Lord, save me from your followers (and other comments on religion)

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I'm big into equality. I'm not so much a fan of people using religion, "faith", or any other kind of belief structure for treating other people differently, let alone treating them like shit. Today I'm talking specifically about religious Americans. I'd like to take this opportunity to address the fact that I talk a lot of shit about religion, and religious people. It's actually more the people that I have the problem with. Why? People make decisions and take actions. The religious texts aren't voting, or doing violence- the followers are doing the voting, and doing the violence. We have problems with equality and bigotry because of people and their ignorance, not because they follow the "wrong" Big Guy book. Whenever someone does something horrible and they say, "this music made me do it" or "this movie made me do it", we rightly tell them to stick that bullshit straight up their ass where their cellmate can find it later, because they're going to jail. You don't get to blame your horrible actions on the contents of a song or a movie, so why a book? Just like the old standby, "guns don't kill people, people kill people", Bibles aren't assholes that treat people different from them like shit... that's people doing that. And if you read the Bible and think all those nice Christian values of loving your neighbor and turning the other cheek are so important, you can't possibly take a hard left turn at Leviticus and decide that discriminating against, beating, and murdering gay people is ok. If you think it's ok to discriminate against gay people (and indeed the whole LGBT community), you're not "conservative", or "exercising freedom of religion", you're an asshole- and maybe an idiot. You have a brain. It's 2015. You live in America, where education and information is pretty damn abundant. The times we live in are not directly compatible with 2000 years ago, or even the 1500-1800 years ago when the Bible was actually written, translated, translated again, edited, shortened, and edited again. The bible also encourages slavery, but we thankfully thought better of that detail- even if it took a nationwide civil war to get it to stick. The Bible also says adulterers should be stoned to death, but I don't see anyone hanging outside divorce courts with rocks. Why? Because obviously that's stupid, and not appropriate in these times. Get your shit together, and be a decent human being. We don't need another civil war because you want to apply 2000-year-old values as law, banning gay marriage and equality. I can't count the number of times I've seen an email forward or a Facebook post about "the Muslims trying to get Sharia law in the states". Imagine it: old, faith-based values as law? Now where have I seen that before?

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