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How to tell if your religious liberties are being violated...

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It's a handy guide, for those who join the rally cry for "freedom", and have no idea what they're talking about. Someone else choosing to do whatever they want with their life and/or body has no effect on you and your bullshit opinions. How do you explain a gay couple to your kids? How do *I* explain why someone is being an asshole because two adults of the same gender are holding hands? "Dad, why is that woman yelling mean things to those two men?" Because she's an asshole, Timmy. She's an asshole. If you oppose birth control because you think it's a form of abortion, you're an idiot. I'm not trying to be mean- it's just that if you think it is, you *are* actually stupid, and there's no other way of using small enough words to explain it to you. I suppose I can lend some understanding to the idea of not wanting to contribute money to a program that would pay for something you don't believe in- but, then again, churches I disagree with get tax breaks up the ass, so we're all losing money because of their beliefs. You can't make other people pray or acknowledge/practice religion against their will. Some people don't want to have to recite your Christian prayers at town hall meetings, just like you probably wouldn't like having to recite something out of the Koran (or however it's being spelled this week) at the PTA meeting. Religion is like a dick- worship it all you want, but don't try to shove it down my throat. You don't like certain websites? Don't visit them. There are scores of programs to filter out whatever naughtiness you dislike- whether it's too much violence, too much language, or too much ankle. People don't get to close down your church when they find your material offensive, and you don't get to do that to others, either. No one is keeping you from teaching your kid Creation at home, at church, and other private places. In public school, science classes should be teaching *science*. Inasmuch as evolution is not 100% "proven", you don't get to default back to a book written when the year only had 3 digits in it. Even if you want to insist it's called the "theory" of evolution, you still don't get to teach the mythology of Creation over the theory of evolution in a science class. In science class, mythology doesn't beat out theory. Ever. Also, how would you feel if the creation story of the universe by the Flying Spaghetti Monster were taught to your kids in public school? Yeah, there would be public outcry. It happened one day after drinking heavily, which is why the Earth is so flawed. Evidence of evolution was placed there with his noodly appendage, just to throw us off. Freedom is a two-way street. You are free to swing your arm around, but your freedom to do so stops just short of you hitting me with it. You can't shove your religion down other people's throats. That reminds me of this facebook joke screengrab I once saw: I don't even care if it's real. I've heard that same sentiment before, and I wish I had this comeback then. Until next time... (original chart at top apparently comes from here , though that's not where I found it, i f anyone cares)

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