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my life and other lies: Ready for Hillary in the White House?

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Generally speaking, I hate politics. I have to say, however, that if I were a betting man, I wouldn't hesitate to place my money on Hillary Clinton for next President. No matter what party affiliation you claim, or who you like for it, I would say our chances are slim that the next POTUS has a dick. Women voters are going to turn out in fucking droves in hopes of a female President. If the republican candidate is too conservative, they'll scare away too many moderate and undecided female voters. If Ted Cruz somehow gets the republican ticket (which I doubt he will, he's far too far-right, especially against Hillary), Hillary will win by a larger margin than we've seen in many, many elections. These are just my thoughts on this... it'll be interesting to see against whom Hillary runs. It's going to get messy. I'm glad I don't watch T.V., and listen to Pandora... no political ads for me. Now we have to come up with a "first _____" title for Bill, instead of "first lady". First gentleman? Technically, he retains the title of President, so introducing them as a couple would be President Hillary Clinton, and President Bill Clinton. Just get ready for it. It's going to happen. I'm hungry. Later.

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