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my life and other lies:

I'm a man of many political opinions, and I hate discussing all of them.

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I'm a man of many political opinions, and I hate discussing all of them. These opinions often color outside of the party lines. I realize my opinions seem to stand firmly on both sides of the fence, but that's what happens when you're kind of moderate/libertarian and so many others are screaming about abortion, gun control, and healthcare. Sure, people like labels so that it's easier to align oneself with like-minded individuals. The problem is, we have fully- and, it seems, irreversibly- screwed ourselves into herd mentality. The leader speaks, shows the way, and everyone in that herd follows obediently. If the "conservative" or "liberal" newscaster says jump, the corresponding herd is eager to ask how high. A lot of the time, it's not news anyway- it's just an announcement of the party line. News is supposed to be impartial, but all the news agencies in America are owned by people/companies with agendas... so we get "news" from very left-leaning-paid companies, and "news" from very right-leaning-paid companies. It's not "news" if we're being told what to think or feel about something. I enjoy the right to have guns. I believe a woman's body is her own to govern. I want less government and taxes. I believe that a lack of universally available healthcare is not only financially foolish (me and my alliteration again), it's a totally dick move. Only people who can afford it, should get proper healthcare? What the shit is that? We should hold ourselves to a higher standard. Whenever there's a natural disaster somewhere, there's a stampede of yuppies sending donation texts to relief efforts. Great. We pride ourselves on trying to be compassionate, and helpful... except when it comes to the healthcare needs of the people in our own country. We already spend a metric fuckton (bigger than an imperial fuckton) of tax money that helps to subsidize the operational costs of hospitals and EMS agencies, who bear the expenses of treating patients on a "treat you first, bill you later" basis. We spend MORE money because there are tons of people who have medical problems and can't afford checkups and medications, who then get drastically more ill and rely on last-minute trips to the emergency room when their untreated condition(s) get the better of them, or try to kill them. Do you want to spend money on $4 a month for a bottle of blood pressure pills, or $5000+ every couple of months when the patient's untreated hypertension acts up and they get a full cardiac workup at the ED from a chest pain event? Anyhow, you get the idea. Now you don't have to ask anymore. Peas out.

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