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By the Beach

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I spent half of yesterday by the sea. Actually by the one of the best beach in Helsinki, in Hietaniemi. Not sunbathing, though. But following cyclocross race. Bicycle riding has become a part of our life, but I haven't paid much of attention of it yet. And I am not the one, who is having a new hobby. Our son's girlfriend drives. So I want to understand it, too. Hietaniemi was the one of the beach I spent a lot of time, when I was a child. Mostly in summers, of course,  but time to time I visited there also in winter, when I was older. When I moved away from Helsinki, visits over there came more and more rare, until they practically stop. So it is a "happening" for me, when I travel there. Shore itself haven't chance much. There is still that small island front of it, now the electricity pylon is more showy with it's blue color. When the water was low, it was possible to get there without swimming. I wonder if it is possible nowadays? The rocks on the left are not so high, as they looked at child's eyes,  but I could see they are still smooth. Didn't climb up, though. Not because of ice and snow.  There is a new building, cafe, I think,  We used the old one. The pavilion. The one with wooden floors, where sand rustled under the feet. Time makes memories golden... Next to beach there is cemetery. My father, two of his brothers, and of his sisters is buried there. Old fashioned family grave. Visited there, too. When I was watching ice fisher on the bay, I realized, that I haven't ever been ice fishing. Should try it at least once.

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