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Young rider, go all the way to the top – and then run, escape, don't look back

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Cold War: a duel between ideologies, a duel spreading out to all fields of life – race cycling included. The past is often seen as black-and-white: Old photos. Narratives that over-simplify the rich fabric of the bygone present into a dualist setting of the winners (who write history) and the losers (as the non-winners, or winners ). Reading  N.R. Writer , the blog of the former champion cyclist Nikolai Razouvaev, raised in the Soviet sporting system, shows how black-and-white, how do-or-die the era has been for real, at least in his country. N.R. Writer is an engaging hook. The author leads us through the blood, sweat, and hypothermia of the Soviet endurance sports of the 80's. The threads of the story are woven together by the revelatory discussion he had with his coach while driving back from a race: about cycling, about the system, and about escaping. Thank you, Nikolai, for sharing your memories with us! Fascinating read! Nikolai Razouvaev. Picture from his blog N.R. Writer.

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