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On writing and photography

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I haven't been updating this blog lately, only once a month or so. But meanwhile I have written 596 postings at Light Scrape , my photography blog. Some of the postings over there touch on the same topics I used to write here at Universal Rule, but mostly it is about photography - and the images do a lot of the talking, not so much the writing. And I have been active in writing comments of fellow photography bloggers' sites, on a variety of topics. Also, I have cutting down on some other writing. For example, I'm no longer a regular columnist at the MikroPC magazine, although I may occasionally write net columns there (on photography perhaps). I had quite a long term as a columnist, regularly since the year 2000, and the first column was published in the magazine in 1998. But lately this hasn't been so rewarding as it used to be. Perhaps information technology is working too well nowadays, so that I don't have any reason to complain. And my interest have been shifting also, I'm no longer so eager to try out new IT products and services. But if you are interested in what I'm up to, by all means visit Light Scrape .

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