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Friday the 13th

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I was at the gym early in this morning while realizing it's Friday 13th and decided to write a post in honor of that. I'm off today so this day is not certainly unlucky day to me. This week has been easy and I've had nicely spare time. I have got lost in books and imagination which only makes good to someone like me.  In a long time I dig out the cards of mine to read them.  I curled my hair in a long time and I do like the result. I washed the hair the last night and made several pigtails and opened them in the morning. Easy and fast way to get some change and I doubt that I will wear these quite often in the future.  Day's outfit: Velvet dress: New Look, Shoes: K-kenkä Hope you all have a lucky Friday and  a nice weekend. I'm going to see a few gigs tomorrow and no other plans so far. Perhaps some pole dancing, gym of course and hanging out with my other half. 

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