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The most important social media services in Finland

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Last month I blogged in Finnish about the stats brought by YLE, the Finnish broadcasting company studied the most important social media platforms Finns are using. They came up with this kind of list: TOP 9 Social media sites in Finland according to Yle 1. Facebook  - about 2 million Finns over 13 years 2. Suomi24  - a Finnish discussion forum owned by media company Aller has  1.7M registered users, during the last year 40% of them have logged in (also anonymous commenting is possible) 3. IRC-Galleria has 451 000 registered users, about 200 000 of them are visiting it weekly. 4. LinkedIn  has 440 000 Finnish users 5. Twitter  is used by around 300 000 Finns 6. Foursquare  has about 75 000 registered users 7. Google+  about 50 000 Finnish accounts, but only some 20 000 of them are in active use 8. Instagram  no estimates of users 9. Pinterest  - no estimates of users.  Early this month Antti Leino got some estimates of Finnish Pinterest users :  100 000 Finnish accounts, almost 60% of them ladies.

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