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Hidden treasure 2.0: The most popular Google services by usage by Alexa

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According to Alexa Google is the most popular site in the world while number 2 is Facebook. And the most popular Google services aka sub sites by usage (hours spent on the site) are:   Percent of all Google site visitors Search google.com  71.36% Gmail mail.google.com 44.93% Profile accounts.google.com 36.34% Google Drive (Google Docs) docs.google.com 9.12% Google Plus plus.google.com 7.72% Google Translate translate.google.com 6.07% Help support.google.com 5.00% Maps maps.google.com 4.91% Google Drive drive.google.com 4.10% Play play.google.com 2.59% Adwords adwords.google.com 2.18% News news.google.com 1.75% Sites sites.google.com 1.01% Code code.google.com 0.91% Feedburner feedburner.google.com 0.78% Product forum productforums.google.com 0.74% Groups groups.google.com 0.67% Url url.google.com 0.56% Developers developers.google.com 0.56% Picasa picasaweb.google.com 0.55% Image search images.google.com 0.53% Ejabat ejabat.google.com 0.46% Google Scholar scholar.google.com 0.14% Interesting isn't it? So Google documents are used more than Google Plus while Picasa for storing and viewing photos is not used that much. By the way, for a researcher the Google Scholar is quite useful service. :)

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