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Spectacular Stories

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How is this ever going to make a spectacular story? So many tales have been told about anxious teen years and unhappy memories. Word after word on a sheet of paper that is no longer real paper from trees but an electronic device that tracks every step of every minute that makes up this fabulous life. I have seen faces today. Faces of people who spent years and years in a sun-soaked classroom with me. I cannot recall their names, I hope they do not recognise my face. Privacy, anonymity,  I  cherish thee. And there is a notebook. Made from real trees and there is a picture of an Istanbul tram on it. And ink of different colours fill its pages. But those pages do not tell the story they are supposed to tell - the story of this spectacular life. Speaking of spectacular, have you noticed that the title of a book is the main reason you pick it from the shelf? Travesuras de la nina mala. Finnish translations are the best - somehow Master and Margarita became When the Devil Arrived In Moscow. How could one not feel tempted to read a book with that title? P.s. I will try the ap and yes, I do speak Finnish☺

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