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When I was a little bitty baby

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London 1 London 2 London 3 The photographs were taken in London on July 30th. Today there was an announcement that yet another Finnish company may be bought out. CGI made an all cash offer for the shares of Affecto, which is a data analytics company that has been doing rather well recently. I own shares in about 40 companies, and because my background is in ICT, many of the investments have some connection to ICT, companies such as Affecto, Basware, DNA, Elisa, Etteplan, Nokia, Telia and Tieto. The CGI offer brought to mind that years ago I owned shares in Novo Group, which was bought by WM-data, which was bought by Logica, which was bought by CGI. The price that CGI offers for Affecto is not bad, and the stock price jumped 28 percent today. I bought shares eight years ago. Even though the price is now over 100 percent more than the purchase price, if one looks at the share price increase over the years, it is only 9 percent compound interest per year. Not bad, but not exceptional either. Earlier this year India's Motherson Sumi bought Finland's PKC Group, and I sold my shares. One wonders what company will be next to be bought out. (Posting title is from the song Cotton Fields by Creedence Clearwater Revival.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

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