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Shades of fall

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Hello! As I mentioned I found some new makeup products so I decided to write a short post about those.  I wasn't able to resist a new eyeshadow palette from Nyx when I saw it in the store so I happily whisked it into a shopping basket and brought to home. It includes sixteen different shades which go well together with the autumn like as well with my eyes and skin tone. My blue eyes love orange and brownish red. They emphasize the blue color very well and make eyes pop out. After testing the product I can say it's worth every penny. There is enough pigment and shades spread well. Light colors are good for highlight and it's possible to create several different looks by using darker shades. I've noticed that quite many beauty vloggers on youtube have been excited about this too. Now I'm twenty euro poorer much more colorful. ;)  In addition I found a perfect dark red lipstick that I have been looking for forever. Unfortunately it's not that super lasting and it requires a liner otherwise it spreads over the face like it did to me a few days ago at work. I have favored the liquid lipsticks recently because I find those last much better and are easy to use. 

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