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Souvenirs and shopping in Dublin

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Wherever I ride, I want to find a bike shop and something local as a souvenir. In Tallaght I visited Cycle Superstore. It is a big place, covering everything from MTB to eBikes, from tools to rainwear. I didn't find anything of particular interest, and the price level wasn't any cheaper than in Finland. For my Taiwan ride I got a 2 LED front light  weighing only 15.7 gram. Tiny, and yet it seems to provide ample light (80 lumen) for an hour, or a dimmer beam for a longer ride. Another nice purchase is the Cannondale Speedster 2 saddle bag. For some time I've been thinking to get a small one in addition to my larger bags, and this is such. There is space only for one tyre, changing levers, credit card and a small multitool. 20 € for it is not too much. Downtown Dublin I had only one and half hours to explore the city. I opened Google Maps, and it showed that the nearest one is about a mile away. There, then. I visited CycleWays on Parnell Street. Smaller shop than Cycle Superstore, but they had what I was after: locally branded cycle wear. They have both their own brand jersey and tights, but also the Team Ireland set. I wanted to get something to remind me of Ireland, so the latter was the way to go. I bought the cap (big enough even for my head) and the vest. I found the vest Windtex membrane of very good quality: both windproof and breathable at the same time. The only con is that the vest has no pockets. Hey! We non-pros don't have team cars assisting us all the time. PS. I got a 10% discount from CycleWays when I told I'm a cycling blogger and most likely will write about my shopping. Try your luck and see what kind of a percentage you get when you present yourself as a vlogger.

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