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Old and new

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UseYourStuff challenges you to use something old and something new in one project. Not that this might pose a particular challenge, we all keep buying new things and incorporating them into our art. But think of it this way: there's bound to be some craft stuff that you are not just using, however tempting it has seemed to you long ago. Now challenge yourself to give that a second chance! I have had these sporty gents in my stash for more years that I care to remember. But until now they got laid by the wayside, there were always some more interesting pictures to choose. For the background I used some (old) paper from my stash and stamped it with my (new) hexagon stamp. The rusty bits are eyelets from clothing tags, which were treated with Finnabair rust set (also new). This is my last inspiration project for UseYourStuff - six months have gone by very fast. I am sad to leave, it has been great fun.

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