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Ride on! Now also indoors

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Today I did my typical ride around the airport. It was very different to ride 40k in +2° C compared to the 50k in Watopia – the virtual island in Zwift – in a +15° C room yesterday. Indoor cycling doesn't end up with punctures as it does every so often outdoors because of all the sharp grave on the pavement during winter time. The toes I froze to black years ago do ache on every outdoor ride in winter. At one tight corner in Hommas I had a close encounter with a car. Such may have severe consequences in real life. So, there are things that favour staying in a pain cave with a trainer. Only that it has been too dull and tedious for me. I've bought a new trainer and created a  Zwift  account. It is the very first cycling platform that has hooked me to include trainer riding to my program. Check out the video I made yesterday if you're new to indoor cycling.

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