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its like finland outside

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so far so good; its november and 8-12c outside, yet we don't need heating every day all day. and when i turn the heating on, its just the living room. even with this, we pay 125£ monthly for electricity, although of course it also includes everything else from washing machine to water heater (there is a massive water tank in a closet). but i dont really want us to pay any more than that...yet i want to live in warm household which is very unbritish. but its looking promising. when going outside though, i feel like dying, it really is so cold, maybe the humidity... i have gloves and a hat but holy crap its not enough... my calendar for 2018 we finally got an electric toothbrush. i guess if it works out well, we could get another to avoid the hassle with the brush heads. anyway i think so far we are both happy. last summer day, October 15th, it was warm enough to enjoy the park in a t-shirt. now, its 8c and Brixton rooftop held a 4 day Oktoberfest which we attended (me, doctor & Allan) on a thursday. the staff were dressed accordingly and it was affordable and good fun. for the winter they are doing a North Pole themed parties. its just behind the corner so very inviting. i did some TKMaxx shopping recently. coffee for doctor, underwear for me and a christmas scented candle for home.  lovely japanese dinner, i took Can to Clapham when he was visiting London and job hunting. i think once they move here Clapham is a potential area to live in, so i wanted to introduce the area. Can brought me these from turkey. Nescafe 3in1's are seriously not easily available in London. of course u can find everything, but then it wont be cheap. its my favorite kind of coffee. for halloween (goth themed), i bought a black table cloth from some sale bin at a nearby shop. one day to halloween and i realized i dont really have any gothy clothes anymore, despite being sure i did. halloween. doctor shaved an upside down cross on his chest, worked well with the purple velvet jacket (mine). Soho, Chinatown Oxford Circus tube station iwht a Halloween theme.  brunch at a brazilian place with Ville & Mikko. the long weekend they were here was great, had so much fun.  it helped that they seemed to really enjoy London, which i was not sure was gonna happen. Brixton Village yesterday we got a black christmas tree & lights. so its pretty simple and i dont plan on decorating further - simple is best. i think i just wanted some fairy lights during the dark season, and a tree is certainly the most logical spot to hang them. i already filled an empty wine buttle with some lights too, but it didnt seem to be enough. random literature article that i found interesting, on Maria Machado's The Husband Stitch , on who we belive and why, was good. this film, Sons of Granite , certainly seems interesting. i also wanna see The Disaster Artist and Suburbicon and documentary Good Fortune.

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