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Opryland Theme Park Nashville TN

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Opryland USA is the top of all resorts (The Opryland Hotel, Convention Center, etc. ..) and showcased the musical attractions. It is also home to some of the show's Nashville Network television later (anyone remembers Crooke and Chase?). During the summer, this little Opryland theme park is a big draw for the area and just a really fun place to go. It is steeped in the spiritual vibration and something that you just can't put into words. The log has the best cheese I have ever tasted too! Since the death of the amusement park, Opryland, Nashville visitors and locals alike have been restricted in where to get their afternoon fix thrill and adventure. If you're in the area, you don't get lucky though. There is still another open amusement park near Nashville. Amusement and Theme Parks Near Nashville All within a four-hour drive and had a ton of fun and adventure for the whole family, whether for a holiday evening or week-long stay. Beech Bend Park & Splash Lagoon, Kentucky First on our list is the Beech Bend Park & Splash Lagoon. This is a traditional theme park closest to Nashville and has been operating since 1898. It belongs to the local park is your one-stop destination that offers a ton of fun with more than 40 rides (including four roller coaster), a water park, a horse racing two-and even in the camp. South Alabama Adventure Although the main attraction South adventure water park, the Hotel also offers some of the Carnival and the game. This is not a one-stop destination, so consider adding to your schedule if you plan a visit to Huntsville. Lake Winnepesaukah, Georgia Lake Winnepesaukah, known locally as Lake Winnie, has become an amusement park owned and operated since 1925. It offers more than 30 rides, including three roller coaster 1916 carousel and a paddle boat. What an amazing, Lake Winnie has maintained the atmosphere and charm of old fair through the years, making this a classic stop for families who come in anywhere.

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