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Turquoise Christmas, first decors

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 I usually start Christmas decoration early. Not everything at the time. It starts from Kekri  and during the weeks till Christmas  I put up more and more... I have got different colours through the years - this year it will be turquoise. And of course silver and glitter, too. I bought new lights and hung them up. dropping down to plant (poor one, I know) Dark turqouise runners on the table front of window and dresser back of the table. Some glitter and silver candle sticks Lighted tree, which I got last Christmas  Some turquoise tulle with stars into big lantern - present as well -  Lights and glittered branches in it... Rääpäle started to destroy them right away... Sigh... Hubby needed new lights to back terrace, because the old ones had broken  - so we took down the ones I had just hung... Lights in darkness outside are more important ;-)  On the small silver plate I put glittered pine cones, turquoise roses and pearl ribbon - and the other ribbon with plastic, shiny pearls. There is turquoise, there is silver, there is glitter, bright and shine. Christmas flowers haven't arrived yet, (or at least I haven't seen them in stores)  so empty baskets are still empty. And I have a plan to use 5 meters of dark turkuoise tulle. For something, not sure for what - yet. But there is weeks left to finnish decor before Winter Solstice and Christmas. I will go on... The Creative Christmas Link Party is hosted by Janet of  Shabbyfufu and the the bloggers of Blogging 50. Please visit all of the talented bloggers below!  An InLinkz Link-up

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