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Volunteer to change

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In a training session, the trainer asked the audience "knowledge is power, how many of you agree" almost everyone agreed, the trainer said "not true, knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power". No matter what we learn, the ultimate test of our knowledge is in our experience. Theoretical knowledge is of no use unless it is backed by practical experience. It is the experience, which gives us wisdom. Some people learn from the experiences of others. We call such people wise. Those who try to learn from their own experiences they too eventually turn wise, but it might take an inordinately longer time. True or perfect knowledge is only achieved when you start acquiring the knowledge for the sake of sharing. When the self appears less and what matters is the good that the knowledge can do to others. Knowledge without experience remains incomplete. Knowledge gives us the tools to handle situations in life and the experience we gain in life provide practical knowledge. Application of knowledge to gain experience is required. Knowledge alone cannot help. Experience can be hard to beat, even though you may have lot of knowledge. Knowledge is infinite and there is no end of learning, it takes one's total life to learn and improve knowledge. Still something would be there to know. *********** It so happened that a young artist just out of his painting course wanted to assess his skills. He painted beautiful scenery and displayed it on a busy street. He wanted the opinion from the art lovers about his painting skills. Hence he placed a board just below the painting which read, “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my first piece of painting after completion of my course. There could be some mistakes in my strokes etc. I have put a box with colors and brushes. Please do me a favour, if you find a mistake kindly pick up the brush and correct it.” Next day when they came back the painting remained untouched. It is easier to criticize, but difficult to provide an alternative. Change in system can only happen when we stop talking about what has happened or happening and discus about what should happen and volunteer to that change. Text/Pic: Anadi Sahoo

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