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Now I know why conquering mountains is so hard

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After my Taiwan KOM Challenge I've been thinking a lot about climbing. What actually made it so challenging? What was it exactly? Also my new experience riding extensively in the virtual world of Zwift has resonated the thoughts arisen after Taiwan. It is not the climb (altitude change) itself nor the steepness that makes mountains hard to conquer. After all, it's just selecting a shorter gear and keeping power level such that one is able to maintain. It is the fact that it is continuous work. Go a bit too hard and there's no way getting rid of the lactates (or hydrogen, to be more precise) in the muscles. Riding a long uphill resembles running: there's no freeriding, no way to stop pedaling and recover. Of course there are other factors as well, like finding the rhythm, but the key is the continuous pressure. Smart trainer and Zwift have changed my indoor workouts. Yesterday I did three hours. Here's a screen capture of that ride on Strava , first 50 km selected: One of those lines differs drastically from an ordinary outdoor ride around my neighbourhood: the cadence. During the first 50 km, I've stopped pedaling only twice, each break having lasted about 15 seconds when I first opened the door for ventilation and then closed it. The ride took 3 hours 12 min. My legs stopped rotating twelve times. Eleven of these were 5-15 seconds, once half a minute. See the "-10" on the right hand side? This is a steep downhill and still I'm pedaling 67 rpm, producing 79 W. So, more or less one does work all the time while on a trainer. No wonder that some say 45 minutes on trainer equals 60 minutes on the road. I wait the spring with great curiosity. Will this winter bring better results than those based on commuting to work. I expect to have more stamina and to be ready to ride the Sierra de Tejeda in February.

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