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finland 100

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its just hit me that tomorrow is really a day off, finnish independence day. i have bank appointments tomorrow and i plan to start doing my UK tax returns! sounds like a perfectly normal thing to do on a "finland day". lol. tax returns shouldnt be too hard actually, but im wondering about the currency exchange stuff and so forth. im starting now so i can find answers to any questions and be done well before Jan 31st which is the deadline. but finnish independence, 100 years! i just saw a photo of the 3rd bosphorus bridge being lit blue..  somehow made me miss istanbul and also emotional. very proud to be a finn today. when i call my bank (Lloyds) to book an appointment, the automated message first says "if you're calling about overdraft charges, please..." lol. thats everywhere though, it's always about the overdraft, people use it eagerly. not for fun i'm sure, but i'm thinking it's also very integrated in the consumer culture, much like credit cards in turkey. but so im calling an "appointment number", not to discuss overdraft, thank you...    so then i get someone on the phone, and say i want to come discuss savings accounts as well as mortgage options. [the mortage stuff cos i want to understand how it works here and start planning for future. well, even though we cant be sure if we are here after brexit, but ive set my mind on learning about the process and the internet can only take you so far...]    so, i explain these are the 2 subjects i want to discuss, and they are related to each other. he tells me oh no, we cant do both in 1 appointment, has to be 2 separate ones. lol. okay then. then he checks my Brixton branch and informs me there are no mortagage advisors there. i say okay, i can get my mortage from elsewhere, and he doesnt object or try to direct me to another nearby branch, which i think is interesting to say the least. and i dont care since this is obviously not an urgent matter and i can go to any bank really for the basic information i want to get. but he doesnt know that! the savings account appointment was doable this week, but at this point i'm getting seriously turned off by Lloyds so im going there with zero motivation. ive been thinking we should switch to Nationwide cos it has some decent options and they come very high in customer ratings. lights! more lights! but why do they look so yellow...? i mean yeah the other lighting is blu-er but not really that blue.  anyway, they look better in real. our kitchen ceiling is leaking water...  doesnt look good either. calling landlord... tenerife was nice - 26C, very calm...   we just chilled, basically, did go jet skiing one day and that was a lot of fun, its like flying on water. meat! muscle food has a good variety of free range & organic meats, this was our 2nd order. quite happy with the quality of everything. on friday i went to finnish londoners christmas party. wasnt huge but fun enough, met a couple new people, talked to acquintances. there's all kinds of stories, from lawyers to nannies to marketing specialists. im happy to meet other finns, as long as its less than 50% of all my socializing. you cant really integrate if you just hang out with your 'own kind'. but i dont think thats an issue for me. i met Karin for dinner at Jamie's Italian in Covent Garden. ie always been a curious fangirl of Jamie Oliver's, dont know him well except that he is into healthy school food & writing recipe books. but thats all good. well, the food was GOOD, and i did like the place too. i rarely have salad but i had a superfood salad which was like in my TOP 3 salads ever, very filling and very tasty.  i was not happy with the christmas tree lights so i ret-- got them refunded and got new ones. how it seems to work here is that if you dont like something, and its not super pricery, you let them know and they just refund it. they dont care for you to return. well, for under 5£ items the shipping costs too so makes sense i suppose. but i find it weird. 

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