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end of 2016

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Yikes, what is the function of this blog anymore? Everything is basically on my Instagram, but out of habit or a need for tidiness, here's the latest...(crickets, crickets): ☆ The Crucible closed , then  The Cherry Orchard opened! I played Anya, and wrote a little about that show's timeliness  here , which is mostly a piece about the election, and the importance of championing humility, nuance, and complexity as antidotes to how little truth or factualness seem to matter right about now. ☆ Rookie turned five years old! Our theme that month was Infinity, and I published a series called The Infinity Diaries , about my move to New York, heartbreak, doing my first play, and how writing and acting are kind of like opposites but can become friends. I don't think I've ever been more scared to share anything but I'm very glad I did. ☆ Other recent Editor's Letters that felt especially good to write: Awakening , Cast of Characters , Soulmates . ☆ I interviewed Miuccia Prada for System , Solange for W   and for Rookie , and Kenneth Lonergan for Interview --basically just secretly made them my college professors for an hour or two. ☆ I was on podcasts like This Week Had Me Like , my favorite source of bizarre celebrity news/way of coping with absurdity, and Anna Faris Is Unqualified , in which we broke down all my defenses and shared tales of love and loss and people who lie about being the children of famous filmmakers, etc. ☆ I wrote about the secret lives of objects, being a collector, and documenting your life like it's a picture book, for A Magazine Curated By Alessandro Michele of Gucci . ☆ I did an  Illustrated Interview for T Magazine . ☆ I was on the cover of Teen Vogue 's September issue , interviewed and styled by Grace Coddington and shot by Inez and Vinoodh, so 12 year-old me was dying. Also, here's a video we did in my apartment. ☆ Petra shot me for i-D which was deeply satisfying in the way making visual dreams come true with her always is. ☆ Patrick Demarchelier shot me for Glamour's rad portraits series  of American women working in a range of fields and mediums. ☆ In Dazed ,  Claire Marie Healy wrote one of the profiles of myself that I felt most understood by (a seemingly sad sentence that's more just like, hey, it's nice when someone gets it!). Ethan James Green took the all-Rodarte photos. K, see you in another 80 months!

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