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For the unacquainted: Hi! I'm editor-in-chief of Rookie , a website for teenage girls that I founded in 2011. Every year we put out a book that compiles the best content from that year of the site. Our most recent is  Rookie Yearbook Three , published by Razorbill . It is just over 350 pages, and in addition to loads of beautiful artwork and writing are print-exclusives like stickers, valentines, a Rookie pennant, and contributions from the likes of Dakota and Elle Fanning, Shailene Woodley, Lorde, Grimes, Kelis, Sia,  Broad City , Bob's Burgers , and more. They are my babies, and they can be adopted here . I'm currently acting in This is Our Youth  at the Cort Theatre on Broadway until January 2015. How can you even stand the unabashed enthusiasm of the trio below? Photo by Brigitte Lacombe Here's an ad that will tell you some of the nice things people have said about it: Other recent developments: I was on the cover of magnificent, ad-free  The Great Discontent , as well as New York Magazine and Nylon . This is Our Youth playwright Kenneth Lonergan wrote something about me for Vanity Fair , and Annie Leibovitz took the accompanying photo in the same backyard where I used to take pictures every day after school for this blog. Here I am babbling on about all this lunacy: ♡✿♡✿♡

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