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Petra visited during spring break a few months ago to take these photos for Oyster  and we were way in our own world and it was so pretty and kind of like Heavenly Creatures without the murder and stuff. You can see the spread here , where I also wrote a little bit, but these are my favorites, and I happen to be looking down in almost all of them! It was just really satisfying to make a thing with someone whose brain is similar when it comes to colors/the various subcategories of suburban homes' doors' windows/points of inspiration/etc. and feel slightly less crazy for being obsessive over all those details. In general, I guess, it can be isolating to realize your world is very different from that around you and it's easy to decide whenever there's some conflict that it's because you yourself are too strange and your point-of-view is too twisted, but it makes it all the more comforting and exciting to find someone who kind of feels or sees the way you do in some way or another. Man, whoever invented friendship was really smart. And, as it goes without saying, Petra is ridiculously talented and makes everything look 2903x prettier. Normally I don't post press stuff on here (especially since I rarely post here at all anymore) but I feel that I can take credit for more than just standing there this time and I am psyched at how it turned out. Also, HAPPY ROAD TRIP KICK-OFF! If you don't know what I'm talking about, read this , and then look at this ! (Here's the poster for it. Also of me by Petra from when she visited. It felt a little weird making it MY FACE but it's blurry and sunsetty and American and a pretty photo so shrug.)

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