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Here - again! - and Christmas preparations in the Doll House

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Normal 0 21 false false false FI X-NONE X-NONE I wish to thank you for coming here, reading and commenting. I am happy to read your comments on the posts. There was some good advice on how to read the Japanese patterns in the puppet book, thank you for them as well. This was the first thing I needed to say. The second, it just hit me last night… I usually follow my instincts, if there is a nudge from the universe, trying to tell me something, I mostly feel I must response to it. And it is this. I was raised in the 1960’s by my Mom (Dad was busy, had very little time to share, mostly education and discipline was done by Mom) who was raised in the 1930’s - 1940’s. Even though during that stretch of time from her childhood to mine, there was a cultural change in child rearing, ways do not change overnight, thus I must have been taught in some ways like my Mom had been. “Good children are seen, not heard.” You were instructed to keep your ideas to yourself (mind you, I don’t think this did me any harm, more good than harm). (What about adults? Does this apply to adults as well?) Do not open your mouth unless you have something valuable to share (if only that piece of advice had stuck better, it would have been sound advice in many instances!). Talk only little of yourself, never show-off (showing off was really, really bad!), be quiet in your ways. --- For 6 days in a row, now 7 th , I come hear to talk about me in various ways… I feel like I should apologize to you all my behavior. Me coming here day after day, talking of me, showing off the stuff I am making, telling you what I think… this goes against by education in so many ways. This is much how I felt when I wrote my very first post. Over the years the voice sort of died down; when I posted just occasionally, it did not feel bad. But day after day after day …! Now, I wonder if it is justified to crowd the word-world, which is jam-packed already, with my opinions. I am not too serious here, but this is the thought I had last night when I went to bed. Then again, if I think of this just talking to you over a cup of coffee, without too much thought on every single word, I am fine. I am up here, in the arctic darkness, typing on my old computer, and you… are all over, in different parts of the world, reading my words. This thought almost takes all my words away. I wish I could hear your stories, see your worlds. If you were here I would let you talk, it would not be all about me.  Let’s have a look at the doll house. It seems like someone is busy writing Christmas cards over there. Wool, as always, with you, Lene PS. This was the first kitten I made who sits, all the other ones have been standing. And little pom poms - how I love making you!

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