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Searching for inspiration

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Thank you for coming, day 11 already! Normal 0 21 false false false FI X-NONE X-NONE I had the most lovely Sunday, I hope this is going to be a good Monday. I am again off to town in the afternoon; hopefully I am swamped with all kinds of Christmas stuff… looking forward to queueing in the post office even, because somehow, I love to get a small dose of Christmas crazy after this quiet country life, where the scenery is the same on a Monday as it is on a Sunday. (Mind you, there are more snow mobiles on ice usually during weekends.) There is lots of Christmas happening in the shopping center, thus I will go there. I’ll buy some handmade chocolates, must get presents that Piki and Väinö are giving to the girls. Ruusu has bought hers. I am going to visit the little baking shop to get little inspiration, of course, will go to the book shop - later, sit down for a hot glögg in one of the cafeterias in town, don’t know yet which one. As we speak, I have a load of woolens in the washer, mostly socks but also my crocheted cardigan. I have used it a lot, as a matter of fact, it has been my favorite since I made it. I am not sure if it is, because I feel it has many “faults” in it; it is not special, can be worn just about everywhere, no need to worry if the cat sleeps on it, be it forgotten on the couch. (Although, Mr. Cat has an odd habit that I would love him to drop, he chews on wool occasionally; my home shawl has a hole, a pair of socks have a hole, one beautiful blanket has several…) Or because it is heavy, feels sturdy and the Merino wool is very soft. Maybe it is all those things. (Had to add this picture, because embroidery always looks so lovely in pictures. There is some on my knitting bag.) Anyway, last night I chained on for a new one, which will be very much the same as the first one. The blue had yarn that camouflaged all the mistakes, now I am picking white yarn, to be able to spot all the mistakes and address them to learn a few things. This is the beginning, already blocked. As you can see, there are short rows and I had to see how they really look - not bad. After crocheting this little bit, I learned an important lesson: some things should be hidden on the wrong side, not be shown on the public side, be it only the ends of the yarn. If I had paid attention and done that, I would have also paid attention to the last/first stitch of the short row and how it should have been hidden. (If this cardigan crochet continues and does not end in the frog pond, I’ll tell you details of the yarn and hook I am using.) I don’t know what to do with the hem, should I go for an A-line or straight or add little bit of waist shaping. I was looking at these magazines from the 60’s, to get inspiration. (The yellow coat on the right is absolutely beautiful.)  The collar is interesting. I am positive, some of the pictures will start to live inside my head, I am not certain if they have developed into any ideas, when it is time to divide for the hem. One has to love the hat in this picture! Other than crocheting on a new cardigan, I knitted one over the weekend... not to forget knitting on a pair of socks. The dogs are waiting for their breakfast; afterwards we need to take a walk before I am off to town. Wool with you, Lene PS. I have been watching "The Crown" on Netflix and was thrilled to find this magazines among my treasures from 1952.

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