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BE MY SCHMALENTINE - Comic workshop with an (alternative) Valentine's twist

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Come to my COMIC WORKSHOP // 26.01 at Other Nature  in Berlin, places are limited so signing up is strongly recommended!! Space is wheelchair accessible, we start on time. Kiss kiss. BE MY SCHMALENTINE - Comic workshop with an (alternative) Valentine's twist: This is a workshop about making comics and having, or not having, feelings. The workshop has 3 parts: - a drawing warm-up to get our ink flowing! - a fast-paced, collective drawing exercise - drawing stories of our own As our theme, we’ll critically explore the conventions of emotional connections. Love isn’t necessarily a defining topic in our lives, but it certainly is pictured, wrapped up and served all around us – particularly as we approach that day of romance, roses and slo-mo running across beaches and meadows. We’ll focus on those feelings that might not fit conventional categories: what are the boundaries between a friend-crush and romance, a blossoming bromance, a newly found con nection with an amazing flatmate? How does sex fit in – if at all? All the drawings created in the workshop will (with permission) be published in a zine, put together by Henna. No prior drawing experience necessary! Henna Räsänen is a queer//feminist comic artist whose biggest achievement is Queer-Feminist Bingo. Her first workshop resulted in a 24-page-zine “Straying From The Big Q”, which scrutinizes and explores the scary world of queer norms. All the material in the zine was created, layouted and published the same day. Language: English (and/or leichter Deutsch) Cost: 15€ (12€ limited income) Registration: to reserve a place in advance, just come into the shop to sign up and pay the workshop fee (cash only), or send us an email to arrange payment by bank transfer: workshop@other-nature.de. Pre-registration is recommended, as space is limited. If you haven’t registered ahead of time, please arrive 15 minutes before the workshop start time.

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