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A rather good boogaloo:


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QUEER PUNX GARDEN CRASH!! friday 29.08 // 18.00 -> wagenplatz KTS13, karpfenteichstr. 13/14, treptow, berlin :: crust :: hc :: punk :: doom :: ..serving angry tunes from pissed off queers!! garden party like no other, no need to bring anything but yourselves we have it all -> bands, dj_anes, tattoos..!! so better get there early! sure all you dirty queer punx would rather roll in the mud but we got a roof in case of bad weather. ▼ BANDS BANDS BANDS ▼ :: FRIEND CRUSH :: :: RESPECT MY FIST :: :: ERRING SODA :: :: NAMELESS DOOM :: ▼ DJ_ANES aka IT'S NOT MY PUNK IF I CAN'T DANCE MY ASS OFF TO IT!!! ▼ :: Dj Froot Loops aka kutnr utopico :: :: Dj IF (female:pressure) :: :: Dj_ane very serious :: :: Dj Team Punk Punk Komma Strich :: ▼ EXPERIMENTAL HOUR / OPEN STAGE ▼ ▼ TATTTOOOOOOSSS ▼ !! NO DISCO HITS, NO LADY GAGA !! -> FACEBOOK

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