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its all revolving around the body now

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im back from Helsinki. i feel like my body is absolutely shattered, traveling with crutches was a bad idea. i basically had painkillers for lunch when i got home. so it was a controversial week, super rough physically which is tiring (to the point where ive cried and was close a few times), but also rewarding. besides work, my motivation to go was to attend Arttu's 40th birthday party. both were great. so, in a way it was definitely worth it, but i wouldnt repeat it - i am definitely staying home for the next week AT LEAST. i was just feeling brave last week, after taking it easy a few days i was feeling strong and all, but hobbling around metro stations, busses, from one elevator to another...  FUUUUU. killed my hands and wrists. and arms and shoulders but i can live with all the others, its the hands that are the weak link. and i dont think anyone who hasnt been on cructhes knows that, i certainly didnt. and when your hands are on fire but u put up a smile for others and they ask if you could go somewhere "really close" (=only a few hundred meters"), its hard to know what to say. "no way!" (which is my honest thought)  is not polite, but "meh, im it's a bit far for me in this situation" is not always convincing enough. i guess it is difficult to grasp how such a short distance could be so definitively too much. anyway, so i guess its clear i struggled. but socially at least it was then a chill trip, cos i just moved between Arttu's flat and the office. and saw miss R twice just downstairs. but so, no shopping, no visit to the bank to deal with stuff, none of stuff that i was originally hoping to do. this is i think day 17. the bruise just grew on the 2nd week. oddly slowly. i think just now its fading away a bit. swelling getting better too. i mean this thing in this pic...  looks like an elephant leg :D the airport service for 'disabled' (whats the umbrella term?) was interesting though. besides the funny little cars ive never noticed the special security lanes and other things they do for ...us people with mobility issues. i booked the wheelchair service a few days in advance. its officially from check-in forward, but at the airport, outside, there are phones to request the service. its SO awkward to sit in a chair, have people take you places, and be so passive. its a bit embarrassing and makes me feel apologetic. and the wheelchair 'pusher' will manage your passports and check-ins,your stuff in the security check for the x-ray and you just sit there like an idiot... :D the cool "elevator car" that picked me up from the plane (the door on the right side of the plane, i never noticed there is one!).  waiting at the gate this morning. okay enough of that, i just need to recover now. and on monday, i think its really nice to continue with the work flow i started in Helsinki, even though im back home now, i had a lot of good meetings, planned some testing projects with people from different teams. did also some more HR stuff. doctors father fell seriously ill and so he had to fly to Turkey yesterday, and so we just missed each other. unfortunate all in all. and im sad i wasnt here to support him before he left. on Netflix ive been watching Line of Duty, Manhunt: Unabomber and  Mindhunter. other than Netflix, i found new episodes of Beck which is absolutely one of my favorite series, so maybe next week i will have time to watch it. and this is on top of the usual reality stuff, Ink Master, Bachelor, Married at First Sight, Top Chef... :P girl likes her tv, what can u do.

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