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Winter magic

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On Sunday morning I jumped on a bus and traveled to my favorite area of the city where I actually resided before (or really close it). It was such a beautiful and glacial weather and the trees looked dreamy. I have tried to take every moment over the beautiful nature when for once it is a decent winter. I could be photographing all the time, but obligations are calling. Tomorrow this all is probably gone if there is some belief in a forecast which promised plus degrees.   As a smart girl I forgot to pull wool socks on and you can surely imagine how numb my toes got after wandering a few hours in the frost. I don't do that same mistake anymore. I had four shirts on and two pairs of tights and that was a pretty good survival kit.  It's kind of a shawl that I moved across the city and these corners do not belong to my daily views anymore, but I'm happy with the current location still and the current dwelling just stole a piece of my heart even if it's not an old creaky wooden house which I'm dreaming of. And besides I can always easily to travel here by the bus or even by foot. 

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