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Two New Psychedelic New Rave Krautrock NWOFHM Tracks

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I planned to make some atmospheric, epic and blah blah post-rock during holiday season and I failed radically. Instead I started another new project named Solar Satan. At the moment the target is to make psychedelic NWOFHM influenced dance music with emphasis on grooving rhythms. I'm also trying to play guitar here and to be honest, I am not very good at it. To hell with that! When I have 2-3 tracks more, I will make an official MP3 release somewhere in the internets (I mean a netlabel, not just my blog). These are not the final mixes , but will give you an example what I have been doing all these days (actually I've been drinking beer and playing World of Goo, Civilization 4 and Guitar Hero III). The first track is called Spawning Multicolor Universe . When I started to compose this track, Atlas by Battle was playing in my head and I had an idea of making a math rock tune. That song inspired the rhythm section quite a lot. But as usual my songs start to live their own life and the track started to sound more and more something else... The second song is The World Blossoms Into Thousands of Colors (see a color theme forming here) is more Circle influenced. The first few seconds of the song I wrote was mostly simple distorted guitar bashing, but when I mixed the guitars a little lower the song found its softer side. You can download the tracks from here and here .

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