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White beauty

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It was absolutely a charming weather last Sunday. I glanced through a window early in the morning and though I felt deep fatigue and a bed felt a realm of mine I decided to take hold of myself for leaving to hunt beautiful sceneries. And it was worth it all. Or at least I like these misty pictures that I managed to capture:  This outfit is from last Friday. A simple dress with PVC belt and my new lovely boots.  The sun was shining through a mist veil and it created the soft light which works always in the pictures. It was damn cold like it has been every day. One morning a thermometer pointed -24 when I was waiting for a bus to work. The freezing winter, but I don't mind. A small inner masochist actually enjoys when the frozen is pinching the skin ;) But unfortunately that same masochist doesn't enjoy at all the flu that I managed to have a few days ago.. again. I hate to be ill, but it seems that there is a lot of diseases lurking in our midst. Fortunately it's the weekend so I have time to rest and heal myself. I wish you all the happy weekend  and I go to enjoy the warm bath ;) 

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