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All the white passengers bailed out

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View The photograph was taken at Soidinsuo swamp in Nuuksio on April 1st. This week I have commuted through the central park in Helsinki. I had forgotten how good it feels. And today I met horses both in the morning and afternoon while riding the bicycle. During the winter one needs to go through crowded streets and stop at traffic lights in Pasila. Also, I realized today that this winter I didn't crash while riding the bicycle in slippery conditions. I installed studded winter tires quite early, and switched to summer tires when the spring was quite advanced already. Studded winter tires have many problems, but they are necessary when there is ice and snow on the road. (Posting title is from the poem Crash by Elizabeth Alexander.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

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