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new baby cam

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Santorini was warm. we stayed on both sides of the island to get a town and beach experience both. the visually stunning caldera was worth seeing but the quiet and cozy beach was a nice and much needed balance. with London/Finland prices, i'm not sure i would go again, as greece has so many nice cozy beach villages that are more affordable, but i am happy i've gone once. our 2nd hotel (Smaragdi). the pool was for doctor, i knew i would not go in there... too chilly. hence, i got a room that included a heated jacuzzi, haha. we both enjoyed that one. dinner by the beach. tourist season was not on yet in the village of Perissa, and it made for a perfectly calm & quiet location. new baby camera . so after disappointing myself with Lumix DMC-TZ70, i got Sony RX-100 mark 3 and i think we're bonding and im satisfied. it's a bit thicker and heavier than i'd like, but with my requirements it was in the end the only one that fit the bill. technically Lumix seemed to do that too but then there are the factors like how it feels in your hand etc. plus the LCD screen on the Lumix was so awkward, looked like over-sharpened photoshop work. what i wanted: 1. 640x480 picture size 2. great lens 3. large aperture 4. wifi (i know they are so-so in the best case, but better that than nothing) 5. reasonable UI 6. "pocket" size 7. wide-ish angle i bought this from eBay - reputable 99% pos feedback shop - for 409£. so my complaints then, cos that's where i really excel at? a bit too thick & heavy wifi/NFC is as good as it gets in these cameras but its still s*** poor and hidden somewhere deep in the menu the on/off button is a tad too easily to press by mistake, i have turned the camera on a few times just as i was fishing for it in my bag i dont really personally care for neither a viewfinder nor the flip screen...  but at this price range they start adding hundreds of features and it's unavoidable...  when you change the shooting 'mode', from automatic to program for example, the camera displays an info screen about that mode and it's features. that got tired after the first 2 times the visible area of the LCD is very small compared to the physical size of the screen...  way smaller than in my old camera something annoying happened with the camera shopping. after i had returned the Lumix very swiftly, and before i ordered the Sony, i was at the aiport Dixons Travel and eager to FEEL the Sony before making another possibly poor decision. there were other cameras too i hadnt ran into while researching so i was checking them out. the staff was not too busy as the shop was nearly empty at 5am but i was not approached, which can be nice when you just wanna look around but i was trying to look at them for some attention...    anyway, i was looking at a smaller (and more basic, around 250£) camera but couldn't confirm the image sizes so i eventually got a member of staff to help, altho he was not too eager. he condescendingly explained to me that such high quality camera does not have 640x480 size. i tried to point out that the (almost double price) Sony RX100m3 sitting right next to it does have that, and was hoping he would take the hint and help me find options that suite my needs but he was not interested and then wandered off. of course i dont know if it was because i am a woman, or not a wealthy enough looking woman, or because he was having a bad morning or generally hates customers who arent looking for the most megapixels... but as someone who herself has sold cameras and knows a thing or 2 about them, it hit a nerve. and maybe that is because in my photolab/camera selling days customers would often look for the MAN behind the counter when they wanted to hear about them. i did have gracious enough co-workers who directed the customers to me if their knowledge was less than mine, though. Amazon is amazing. u want to call them? just click a button and they will call you immediately. bloody hell. everytime i deal with them through any channel im just like 'woah'. why have i been dealing with Amazon customer service lately - considering they're so good it's rarely necessary? it seems that buying and selling mobile phones online is risky, they tend to get lost on the way. last year when doctor ordered a new phone it was lost by the courier, Hermes. it never arrived. now, i have been trying to order Honor 9 for work (testing purporses), TWO times. the first arrived box opened and no phone inside...   the second was sent via Hermes which usually means there is trouble ahead, and that was indeed the case. it never showed up, got stuck in the depot the morning they acquired it (see screenshot). besides Hermes being complete s***, the problem with them is that you can often easily see from the tracking that there is an issue, the parcel is stuck at the depot when it shoud be on it's way, or it's "on its way" for several days straight... and then, nothing, and you have to wait for 3 or so days before you can officially raise an issue. so i've now spent a week and a day trying to buy an Honor 9. third time's the charm? i should say that i did one succesful phone purchase too, it arrived with the empty box. now im just one phone short of being able to fully test this app in a project i got onto. like, what the actual...     how do you have the cojones to claim its "with a neighbor" (which bloody neighbor??) when your own tracking says otherwise? tracking could have a delay or an error  of course, but in their case... uff. obviously, i HAVE checked with our neighbors as well, just in case. i dunno if im just imaging or if Netflix has gotten much better in the past year, content wise? for a service that is growing, i guess its not surprising - just add more of everything and then there is more for everyone? so maybe its just that they've tripled their content. but i feel like they have more the 3 times interesting stuff than they did year ago. so one of the options is that my taste has changed - ive been brainwashed and am more open to "netflixy" content now? or, my taste in tv has just genuinely changed as it sometimes does. or, their algorhitms have gotten better, and the content that was already there a year ago, i just couldnt find, and its now better at offering me what i want to see. or some combination of the above.

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