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The Sea

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I have always loved the sea. The salty smell. The waves. The reflection of sun and moon on it. The whitecaps. The sound. When we got married and I moved with Hubby to inland, I left the sea behind. And have missed it ever since. I lived my childhood and youth in Helsinki, where the sea was always present. By the beach, on the ilands, by the shores, on the boat. Peeking around the corner. Smelling salty through the spring, summer and fall. Plain frozen in winter. Hubby doesn't share that love. But he is loving me enough to drive me to the shore every now and then. When my constriction grows too heavy. Just so I am able to breathe again. On stormy days to see  the waves striking to the shore. On rainy days, when we get wet all over. On the shiny days when the sun is burning smooth rocks almost too hot to walk on. When the sun shimmers through the gray sky. When waves hits the shore  and windy weather sprays salty water on your face. Stays there with me until it gets too cold. Too wet. Or too hot. Stays there with me.

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