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Wish to understand how and learn the most important things to boost your Nation Story game. You need to concentrate on these three key tips to be successful. - Quests to make coins - How to get neighbors - Value of picking up sticks and gems Starting your Country Story game the right way There are, quite simply, many things to keep tabs on. The mayor and a number of the other permanent residents will give you some basic instruction, but you will still have to be doing lots of the investigating of your village on your own. You'll also have to keep on top of the growth cycles of your crops, their watering needs, and the general evolution of your farm (and your bank account). There is, naturally, no real right and wrong way to play the game. It's your farm and you get to decide how to organize it, what to plant, and the way you need to spend your own time. You might at first be content to work on your farm by yourself and develop a solid understanding of the way the game works. Moving on up in Country Story After you have the basics under your belt, however, you will probably want to branch out a bit - especially if you want to have the ability to build up your farm and boost your overall options in the sport. When you reach this stage though there are a number of things that you should keep in mind that will have a great impact on your final success. You will surely wish to be earning coins each way you can if you first start playing Nation Story, and it might appear natural to concentrate on planting and harvesting plants as your chief source of revenue. This is certainly an area of game play that you never wish to fail, but early in the match it will not be your best or most efficient source of revenue. If you truly wish to create coins fast in Nation Story, it is a good idea to focus on completing as many quests as you can right from the beginning. Not only will you earn coins faster than you would simply by raising crops and harvesting them (that you'll do anyway), but you'll also have the opportunity to make useful bonus things as well. Get a Good Deal of Neighbors The importance of getting many neighbors if you want to be prosperous in Country Story can not be overstated. The more neighbors you've got, the more effective you'll be - it is that easy. Your neighbors can look after your crops while you are gone, they send you gifts, and you may even slip from them to get more plants to sell in the market. It may seem silly at first, but stones and sticks are very valuable commodities in Nation Story. It's possible to collect a few every day from each of your neighbors' farms, and you would be sensible to make this a priority. It takes very little time or effort to stop from each of your neighbours' farms, and you will benefit greatly by stocking up on those valuable building supplies. The secret to learning all of the cheats and tips You'll Need in Country Story The above mentioned basic hints can get you to the right path with your farmnonetheless, it's so important in this sport to have everything set up correctly. Moving up the levels and earning those important coins is necessary especially if you aren't into coughing up real money to play this sport. Nation Story secrets is a valid strategy guide made to instruct you how to move up the levels. It demonstrates how to move up all of the levels with all the cheats, hints, and secrets for you to the top. http://episodepasses.net/

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