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Mervi's Book reviews -

The first book in the Risen Kingdoms fantasy series. Publication year: 2017 Format: Audio Running time: 18 and 27 minutes Narrator: Erin Bennett Publisher: TOR Jean-Claude is a young, loyal musketeer to the king of l’Empire Céleste, Leon XIV, and the king has commanded Jean-Claude to go and witness the birth of a noble child. […]

DancesWithWool -

It was snowing for the most of the night. It started already yesterday, I sighed heavily when I went to bed. We have loads of this white stuff… the forecast for today promises more, but the snow fall won’t be quite as strong as last night. The depth of the snow is already 40cm (16”), which is a lot for this time of the year. The sun rises at 1056 and sets again 1322 (0122pm), the length of the day is only two hours… It is beginning to feel like deep winter. On the plus side, the snow is...

lulx! -

Mastering With Waves Piano is an easy instrument to learn. Combine revisions - $25 per track. Sometimes an artist may want one thing concerning the mixture of their tune to be out of the norm for their genre of music and forgot to say it in the Mission Form. For instance, we ship you our mixture of your tune, and all the pieces sounds nice besides that you really want: the lead guitar to be unusually loud in the course of the solo, or possibly you want the bass drum to be weaker in the combine...

Negatiivarit -

Certified  Translation Services   If you would like to immigrate into the US or perform or research at a foreign country, you're going to want true, accredited translation solutions to your lawful documents.Breaking language barriers is now a requirement both by multinational corporations, small and medium enterprises and even daily to day living. That is the reason why translation providers has become more in-demand. We operate on all sorts of translation providers at an extremely...

Mervi's Book reviews -

The continuation novella to Penric’s Mission. Publication year: 2017 Format: Audio Running time: 3 and 25 minutes Narrator: Grover Gardner Penric, General Adelis Arisaydua and his widowed sister Nikys are on the run from Cedonia’s forces. Penric is a sorcerer in the Bastard’s order and he’s grievously wounded. His demon, Desdemona, is healing him but […]

Mervi's Book reviews -

A novella in the Diving universe sci-fi series. Set before the series started. Publication year: 2014 Format: Audio Running time: 2 and 21 minutes Narrator: Flora Plumb Tory Sabin is the captain of the anacapa space ship Geneva. She’s extremely capable and she knows the dangers of the anacapa drive personally: when she was young, […]

Mervi's Book reviews -

The sixth book in the Diving universe sci-fi series. Publication year: 2017 Format: Audio Running time: 4 and 57 minutes Narrators: Jennifer Van Dyck Boss and her crew are exploring the Boneyards, the graveyard of ships which the Fleet left behind years, maybe hundreds of years ago. Many, if not all, of the ships have […]

Mervi's Book reviews -

The fifth book in the fantasy romance series set in the Five Hundred Kingdoms. Publication year: 2010 Format: Audio Running time: 11 and 5 minutes Narrators: Gabra Zackman Princess Rosamund has just turned 16 and is the sole heir for her father the king of Eltaria. She also knows about the Tradition, which is the […]

improvisages -

Here's a video -  Mariska, a new original by Yvalain & Juha Hintikka. Yvalain Debodinance: composer,  guitars and bass Juha Hintikka: co-composer,  recorder The drums track was created with Band In A Box The vibraphone track was composed and created by Yvalain inside Logic Pro X Audio and video production by Yvalain. Extract of our forthcoming new album. (Juha H.)

Nectanikko -

Osallistu kilpailuun ja voit voittaa 239 euron arvoisen iFi Audio Nano iOne -bluetooth-da-muuntimen Kilpailu päättyy 14.11.2017 Tästä kilpailuun

Mervi's Book reviews -

The third book in the Five Hundred Kingdoms fantasy romance series. Publication year: 2007 Format: Audio Running time: 10 and 36 minutes Narrators: Gabra Zackman Katya is the seventh daughter of the Sea King. The King is a sensible man and knows about the Tradition (the way that fairy tales want to impose their own […]

Mervi's Book reviews -

11th book in the wonderful October Daye urban fantasy series. Publication year: 2017 Format: Audio Running time: 11 and 36 minutes Narrators: Mary Robinette Kowal Toby is getting married and her “sister” (death omen) May has organized a bachelorette party for her. In a karaoke bar. At first, Toby is horrified but after the Sea […]

Antti Alanen: Film Diary -

Le Rosier miraculeux. FR 1904. Georges Méliès. Lobster Films, Paris. FR 1904, D: Georges Méliès, prod: Star Films (Catalogue no. 634 – 636), DCP (from 35 mm, orig. 52.30 m), 2'31", (transferred at 18 fps); no main title or intertitles. Source: The Brinton Collection – University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City; Library of Congress Packard Center for Audio-Visual Conservation, Culpeper, VA; Lobster Films, Paris.     Le Giornate del Cinema Muto, Pordenone.     Grand piano: Stephen...

Antti Alanen: Film Diary -

Luc-Olivier Merson: Rest on the Flight into Egypt. Oil painting, 1879. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Public domain. Photo and data: Wikipedia. Please click to enlarge the images. DCP, 120 min, source: Le Giornate del Cinema Muto / Université de Lausanne, Section d’histoire et esthétique du cinéma.     Le Giornate del Cinema Muto, Pordenone.     Introduction: Valentine Robert.     Grand piano: Stephen Horne (also at the drums, the flute, and the accordeon).     Teatro Verdi, 5...

NWO Havaintoja -

Teksti: Teemu Vehkala Youtubeen ilmestyi muutama päivä sitten Las Vegasin alueella toimineen taksikuskin kuvaama video, jossa hän ajaa Mandalay Bay Kasinon hotellinen ohi.  Tuossa videossa näkyy kun hotellin neljännestä kerroksesta ammutaan sarjatuliaseella.  Mutta vieläkin mielenkiintoisempaa on se, että kuinka eräs saksalainen blogisti oli verrannut tuota taksi videon audio 4:57 kohdassa olevaa audio-litterointia M60 konekiväärin sarjatuliäänen kanssa ja nehän ovat identtiset...

Mervi's Book reviews -

The second Fiction River short story collection. Publication year: 2013 Format: Audio Running time: 7 and 15 minutes Narrators: Matthew Buckman, Jerimy Colbert, Kristine Rusch, Dean Smith, Barton Grover Howe, Jane Kennedy, Alison Longuera, Stephanie Reid Like the name implies, these stories focus on solving problems that humans are facing today. They each focus on […]

Mervi's Book reviews -

The first book in the fantasy series Spells, Swords & Stealth. Publication year: 2014 Format: Audio Running time: 7 and 51 minutes Narrators: Roger Wayne This book starts with metafiction in a table-top RPG. I’m a long-time table-top role player so I really enjoyed the book. Four characters, played by four male role players, drop […]

Mervi's Book reviews -

A full cast audio production, based on Joe Harris’ X-files comics. Contains five cases so apparently the first five issues. Publication year: 2017 Format: Audio Running time: 4 hours and 4 minutes Narrators: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi, William B. Davis, and rest of the X-Files cast. I’m a long-time X-Files fan but I […]

Luksus -

The Echo is a refinement of the original Pulse. It is slimmer, and doesn’t quite look like one of those metal cigar containers. It has twice the memory of my original smartpen. The price has come down over the years significantly making an investment in a smartpen even more attractive. I use my pen to record initial client interviews as well as depositions. I am able using the Livescribe Desktop software to export a recording to a CD and send it to a client to here. However the best feature...

Oppitori -

Kontekstihaulla voi saada selityksen.   Alekkain . Juttu . Ctrl+hiiren pyörä=suurenna. Täällä on tuo Korpelan sivistyssanalista, josta voi myös hakea hakuruudulla, Ctrl+F. Alla olevassa on nyt pilkut. Arpoa listasta voit tällä . Täällä on samoista sanoista toinen parvi. En saanut kunnolla toimimaan Korpelan kontekstihakua, ääkköset kronglaavat. Harvassa sanassa kuitenkaan on ääkkösiä ja Korpelan Pienehkö sivistyssanakirja on kontekstityökaluissa, mutta kruksattuna piiloon...

Mervi's Book reviews -

The first in a humorous fairytale series aimed at younger readers. Publication year: 2005 Format: Audio Running time: 6 hours and 9 minutes Narrator: L. J. Ganser The parents of Sabrina and Daphne Grimm vanished without a trace about a year and a half ago. The orphanage has sent them to a couple of families […]

MobiiliBlogi -

Kotimainen HMD Global Oy on hiljattain esitellyt markkinoille uuden Nokia-nimeä kantavan Android-älypuhelimen, jonka se aikoo tuoda Suomessa myyntiin syyskuun aikana 599 euron suositushinnalla. Kyseessä on Nokia 8 -lippulaiva, joka sijoittuu ominaisuuksiltaan Nokia 3-, Nokia 5– ja Nokia 6 -mallien yläpuolelle. [...]

Mervi's Book reviews -

The second book in the series. Publication year: 2016 Format: Audio Running time: 15 hours and 23 minutes Narrator: Jordanna Max Brosky and Robert Petkoff It’s Christmas time and three months has gone by since the end of the previous book. Theo and Selene are still together and their relationship is pretty much the same; […]

Mervi's Book reviews -

The first book in a space opera series. Publication year: 2004 Format: Audio Running time: 13 hours and 45 minutes Narrator: Cynthia Holloway Kylara Vatta is the youngest of the Vatta family who owns a very successful space shipping firm. But Ky wants to be a soldier and so she goes to the military academy […]

Mervi's Book reviews -

The second book in her Five Hundred Kingdoms fantasy/fairy tale retelling series. Publication year: 2006 Format: Audio Running time: 9 hours and 32 minutes Narrator: Gabra Zackman Princess Andromeda is the only child of Queen Cassiopeia of Acadia. The king died several years ago. The ambitious and extremely beautiful Cassiopeia rules the country with the […]

Mervi's Book reviews -

Book two of the Broken Earth fantasy series. Publication year: 2016 Format: Audio Running time: 13 hours and 19 minutes Narrator: Robin Miles Now we find out some of the things that were left unsaid in the first book. Obelisk Gate starts somewhat before the beginning of Fifth Season to show us what happened to […]

Jani Sourander -

These days more and more people learn about the humble heat press. If the color used is too flashy or too dull, the customer is likely to be repelled within seconds of arriving in your page. Now a lot more than ever, network marketers are using the web to connect to people all over the world. It isn't necessary and is also not really recommended. In order for video marketing to arrange it must be properly implemented. Although PPC has become the best and fastest way to acquire leads it can be...

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