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Inside the Bannus Field -

Last year I read less books than I wanted. I had my goal set on 100 books, at least, a figure I usually reach very easily. This year had a lot of other stuff that took my time and concentration away from reading, but I still read several very good books. Some statistical data: 87 works read, 74 in English, 11 in Finnish, and 2 in Swedish. 32 of them were e-books and 10 were graphic novels. View Poll: Books 2015

Pekkaboy -

I thought about that I do not write on my blog before we get a new traffic sign in Haaga, but then I decided against it. I realized that it will take as long as I predicted. And if I do not write, no one would read this. So let’s write. Jukka got a challenge from a friend of his, it is a book challenge in which you have to name a list of books. After you have explained why these books are important to you, you can challenge five persons to this challenge. Even though it would be extremely...

Käyräranta -

Luen kirjoja mielestäni aivan liian vähän. Tämän vuoden tavoitteena oli lukea vähintään 30 kirjaa, mutta nyt loka-marraskuun vaihteessa lukema on vasta 12! Teini-iässä ahmin kirjoja mutten laskenut.  Viisikot, Tarzanit, Päätalot, Vonnegutit, Asimovit ja paljon muuta ja sarjakuvat. Lukeminen väheni, ainakin kirjojen kun lähdin opiskelemaan ja myöhemin työelämään. Miksi näin? Aika ei riitä

DancesWithWool -

Normal 0 21 false false false FI X-NONE X-NONE Monday – Can you believe we are already on day 4? Today I need to drive to town, do some shopping. There is lots of baking to do this week, I need to buy ingredients. I have cleaned the freezer; it is nice and tidy to preserve all the pastries.   Today I want to show you a delightful book. I don’t usually do product reviews, mainly because I don’t get review copies of books or yarn; when I buy for myself, I tend to go for similar yarn and I...

EstonianDreams -

Children's residence permits finally came through a couple of weeks ago- after six months of bureacracy. The long way to the migration office became very familiar for me during that time. Every time I thought I had all the required papers they told me I need something more, and usually something that was quite hard to get. When I got the notice that they are ready and I can collect them from the bank, a new circle of bureaucracy began: I had to proove in strange ways that I really am their...

my life in color -

Here's a quick peek to what I read last year during my bus rides to and from work. Good books, meh books, brilliant books, funny books, books that touched your heart and tore into your soul.

AskarteluVuori -

Tänä vuonna lähden pitkästä aikaa mukasn TJK -haasteeseen. Haasteet löytyy Silpputehtaan laajennusosasta . Ideana laittaa korttiin mitä vain...jotain joka lojuu pöydällä...laatikossa...lipastossa...kaikki joka joutaa korttiin, ne voi siihen laittaa. Itse käytän korteissani ATC vaihtojen mukana tullutta "extra sälää" eli paperia, kuvia, koristeita ym. Sekä jonkun tuotteen mukana tullutta...jotain mistä en itse ole niinkään maksanut tai mitä en ole hankkinut. Tarvikkeita on...

kameravene.fi lokikirja -

Amsterdam 5.1.2017.

Mervi's Book reviews -

Here’s the post where I’m going to gather all the books, novellas and comics read next year. Advertisements

Lil'La -

Oikein mukavaa Pääsiäistä kaikille. Sitä juhlistaakseni tein kirjan nimeltä ” ”Many Ways for Cooking Eggs” ja lasten satukirjan ”The Little Red Chiken”, ne ovat tuossa kuvassa Seelan pikku tipusen jaloissa lähellä pääsiäismunakulhoa. Minä en sitten millään tunnu saavan tarpeekseni näitten minikirjojen tekemisestä, ne ovat miltei kokoajan mielessäni. Kuvassa ovat kaikki tähän mennessä tekemäni kirjat.Teen siis vain kirjoja, jotka ovat jo copy vapaata materiaalia...

Lil'La -

Olen kirjahullu oikeassa elämässä, minulla on aina kirja kesken ja joka päivä luen siitä ainakin luvun usein enemmän. Ei vaan osaa olla lukematta, se on niin kivaa. No tästä rakkaudesta tietenkin johtuu se että minun nukkekodissanikin on ihan pakko olla kirjoja. Viime viikonloppuna vihdoin aloitin tekemään niitä. Minulla on jo hyvän aikaa ollut varastoissani muutama ystävältä saatu kirjakitti (suomalaiset harrastajat varmaan tietävät Riikamarian ihanat kirjat ja kirjaprintit...

My So Called Life -

Last time I wrote here I had 3 weeks of summer break left. Now I have 3 days! :D I was supposed to write here earlier, but.. Better late than never. So, about the weekend I told you about in the previous post. I went to the FFfin-meeting and because the weather was pretty nice, warm but bit cloudy and windy, we went to beach. We had pretty fun there. AND after many many many years, I went to swim!!! It was nice :) We were there for few hours and then I headed home and others headed to...

On Winning -

Meant to write something about SKI on Troughput blog allready some time ago, but forgot about it. Now it popped up again from my Google Alerts. Just a generic comment on Bob Nardelli at helm of Chrysler, but in the post there are two books that I hadn't heard of before. Any of you read either of these and could give some comments? The Logical Thinking Process: A Systems Approach to Complex Problem Solving by H. William Dettmer A major rewrite of Dettmer's classic Goldratt's Theory of...

On Winning -

Has anyone read Fast Strategy by Yves Doz and Mikko Kosonen? Review of it in Amazon is promising: In their Introduction, Yves Doz and Mikko Kosonen assert that strategically agile companies "not only learn to make fast turns and transform themselves without losing momentum but their CEOs and top teams also have higher ambitions: to make their companies permanently, regularly, able to take advantage of change and disruption. They want their organizations to learn to thrive on continuous waves of...

My So Called Life -

This week has been bit Harry Potterish week. On Monday I started to re-read the Half-Blood Prince, got it finished yesterday. And today, I went to see it as a movie. And I gotta say that I really did enjoy the movie and loved it and all. It did have few changes and some added scenes that weren't in the book, but I still did like it. I have already accepted the fact that if movie is based on book, the movie can't be just like the book. Some parts must be left away and some parts must change...

My So Called Life -

So, my nephew had to stay in hospital and I headed back to home for two days. Today I came to Kuopio with my parents because of family reunion. Here was about 20 people. Some of them were new faces to me. We had nice time for few hours but now almost everyone has left away. Only those who stay at this camping site are here. This camping site is very nice but not as nice as the one where we were last summer. But this time we have cabin with own beach, row boat and sauna. We're gonna stay here...

Stoori -

Vuoteen 2017 on mahtunut paljon iloja ja suruja, henkistä kasvamista ja suuria oivalluksia. En voi sanoa, etteikö vuosi olisi tuonut jotain hienoa tullessaan, mutta en voi myöskään sanoa, että 2017 olisi ollut elämäni hienoin vuosi. Toisaalta, toistan tätä samaa varmasti jokaisen vuoden kohdalla, aina hautaan saakka – asioita oppii arvostamaan yleensä aivan liian myöhään. Alkuvuoden […] The post Mitä toivon vuodelta 2018? appeared first on Stoori .

Read.Read.Read -

Summer is starting to be over, at least here in Oulu, Finland, where colorful leaves are already filling up my yard. A sure sign of fall is also my yearly knitting and crocheting inspiration which usually hits once the temperatures get lower and you need to start to think about things like scarves, mittens and winter hats. Since I didn't blog much this summer (expect by posting a few reviews from my drafts), I thought rather than writing reviews for all the books I read (that would take...

Just be. -

We have a visitor. His name is Kassu and the happy owner of him is Tuula, who's living in the building next to us. She went to help her daughter with moving, so we eagerly welcomed Kassu to stay a couple of days with us. He's already taken over this place by sleeping in every corner of this flat! He also came to wake me up at 5am, 6am, 7am and finally at 8am I woke and gave up. He also escaped once from the balcony, but he's a shy boy and was waiting for us to carry him inside just outside the...

Tomorrow could be boring -

There have been many library closures in the UK and North America recently. Meanwhile South Korea is opening new ones. What's going on? Are public libraries obsolete? I wrote an article about this topic at Blogcritics and would love it...

Stoori -

Parin viime vuoden alussa olen julkaissut postauksen, johon olen listannut kymmenen asiaa, jotka haluan tehdä tulevan vuoden aikana. Edellisessä postauksessani kävin läpi viime vuoden listan ja katsoin mitkä listaamistani asioista olivat toteutuneet ja mitkä eivät. Tässä postauksessa ajattelin jälleen tehdä vastaavanlaisen listan tälle vuodelle 2018. Vuoden 2018 aikana haluan.. 1. oppia läjäpäin uusia asioita 2. […] The post 10 tavoitetta vuodelle 2018 appeared first on Stoori .

Parallel lines -

Ilolla toivotan vuoden 2018 tulevaksi! Mitä se tuo tullessaan, ken tietää. Paljon uutta totuteltavaa tiedossa heti alkajaisiksi. No, pysyy mieli virkeänä. I’m happy to welcome year 2018! What it shall bring, who knows. Lots of new things to get familiar … Continue reading →

Kuplii pinnalla -

Vuosi sitten tein kaksi päätöstä.  Ne olivat seuraavat: nuku enemmän ja voita lotossa.  Ensin mainittu ei ihan onnistunut, mutta lottovoitoksi voin helposti laskea parikin asiaa viime vuodesta. Niinpä siis tänä vuonna toivon toteutuvaksi enemmän piirtämisaikaa, enemmän kirjoittamisaikaa, enemmän uniaikaa  ja ehdottomasti enemmän aikaa lukea kirjoja.  (Vaikeinta näistä on todetusti nukkuminen, joten otan vastaan hyvät vinkit siihen kuinka malttaa mennä petiin silloinkin kun...

Desperatehell -

A New year got me into a whirl immediately and that's why my absence. Just a few days have gone, but my mind is already tumbled about the thoughts and choices.  I do hope this year brings joy and not sorrow. Last year was quite okay even though some darker clouds shaded a life in the summer.  I didn't promise any special resolutions this year. I do continue my gym work-out as I did last year (I visited 122 times the gym). I'm going to focus on art, sewing and photography, reading of the books...

Mervi's Book reviews -

I’m going to join the Pick&Mix reading challenge for this year, too, with the goal of 20 books. Since I’m also going to join Mount TBR challenge, for my print TBR books, I’m going to gather all the other books to Pick & Mix. Print books from library, or bought this year, audiobooks, and ebooks. […]

Stoori -

Elokuvat, sarjat ja kirjat olivat eletyssä elämässä kaiken keskikohta minulle. Opiskelin kandidaatin tutkintoni Skotlannissa; tutkintonimikkeeni on Master of Arts (with Honours) in English and Film with Visual Culture. Minulle kirjallisuus ja elokuvat olivatkin tuolloin kaikki kaikessa. Viime vuosina opinnot ja elämä ovat kuitenkin vieneet aikani muualle. Eilen Amerikoissa juhlittiin Golden Globes. Katsoessani juhlaa mietin, etten ole […] The post 2018 – vuosi, jona kirjoitan...

Terveelliset herkut -

Mua kiinnostaa ihan suunnattomasti mitä kaikkea uutta markkinoille on milloinkin tulossa, erityisesti terveyteen ja ruokaan... Lue lisää Terveelliset herkut - FitFashion.fi

Read.Read.Read -

I love Goodreads and can't imagine a reason why I would stop using it. While Goodreads is great for finding information about books and what others are reading, for a while I have felt like I want to take into use a system that gives me more information about my reading. The start of a new year is as good time as any to implement that kind of system into my reading life. I have never really been a fan of Excel -- in fact, I used to hate it in high school! When I came across the idea of using an...

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