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Början av 2000-talet -

På Finlands Socialforum i Helsingfors för några veckor sedan diskuterades nättrollen i en intressant workshop. Vem är de, varifrån dyker de upp, vad kan göras för att komma åt den. Den allmänna åsikten var att de är en marginell grupp som samlar ihop varann och gör aktioner för att sprida sitt budskap (kvinnor ska lyda […]

mikroPaliskunta -

Democracy from mkk on Vimeo. A fuss about election campaign funding started in Finland in spring 2008. It turned out that different types of companies, investors and store chains had supported parties’ candidates campaigns in 2007 parliamentary election. All this type of funds should be reported and this was not done. Basically both of the […]

Thomas Nybergh's notes -

Jag satt och behövde något att sysselsätta mig med häromnatten, så beslöt mig för att dela med mig några till meningslöshet generaliserade insikter jag gjort om mitt glest befolkande, lite isolerade hemland. För att förstå Finland, börja med att stilla begrunda hur lantbruk i vårt klimat med hjälp av 1800-talsteknologi är desperat kamp mot svält […]

Amantyne - A Visual Diarrhoea -

I have two things: A new home and a neck pain. So far my home decor includes a mattress and my wake-up light alarm clock on the bedroom floor... ...and a stool and Kelohonka curtains in the kitchen/living room. I've ordered a bed and kitchen table an chairs. They should be delivered in a couple of days. Not a day too soon, I say... And the neck pain... ...a smarter mammal would have learned in five years that it's a BAD idea to headbang with heavy dreads! And what has happened since February? I...

Roadside Burger Blog -

My buddy, Brad, came to Helsinki for a few days. I picked him up from the airport. He wanted to take a shower and we planned to meet later in the hotel lobby bar. I planned to take him to local place named as Southern Fried Chicken. I didn't bother to find out what this place was like and it was a big mistake. When we walked in we started to lauch since we already knew this place sucks big time. The place was a cheap mix of KFC, typical kebab joint and burger chain. Everything under one roof...

Roadside Burger Blog -

Hampuris is a small grill kiosk chain in Helsinki which started to reposition their business towards burger chain about a year ago. They started to run ads on TV and also offer home delivery. Unfortunately they still are just another grill kiosk. Their pictures of burgers have fresh lettuce leaves and nice looking burgers but the reality is really something else. And I'm not talking about the standard failure to match the marketing images, this was much worst. Just compare the image above and...

Phenomenal, funny and oh so necessary findings -

Ok, this product is not a real geek product, and I actually think that probably the products I will list will most likely not all be geek products, at all. This one is for pure comfort!When I was a child, I used to get a pair of felt slippers for christmas. They kept piling up as I wasn't an eager user of them in the early years. My grandmother's relatives had a farm in Central Finland, they had

BLOGitse -

It’s midsummer weekend, midnight sun, the sun remains visible… I shot this the other evening     Check how it looks in Northern Finland   Utsjoki: Tie970 − Nuorgam − Tenojoki: Play lifetime   Here’s a google map showing the web cam location Nuorgam, Lapland, Finland       On Wed 21.6.2017 at 7:24 it […]

SusuPetal PhotoGallery -

TaideTupa PikkuSelma, Kuusankoski 15.11.2016 In English Värikollaasi #55 Color Collage    Filed under: color collages, Kuusankoski, näyttelyt/exhibitions, tourist in home country/turistina kotimaassa Tagged: color collage, exhibitions, Finland, In colour, paintings, photos, statues, tourist in home country

Light Scrape -

Blue 1 Blue 2 The photographs were taken on January 4th. Thomas Wilhelmsson, Chancellor of the University of Helsinki, wrote on Twitter: ”US and UK researchers, welcome to Finland! Finnish people still believe in science and real facts”. Welcome to Finland – WTF for short – sounds rather good. I can’t believe what is happening in the US, which has become a dictatorship with an easily lead narcissist as the frontispiece for unscrupulous fraudsters and all kinds of evilness. Science –...

SusuPetal PhotoGallery -

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Roadside Burger Blog -

Couple of days ago my friend pointed me a little grill kiosk which was supposed to serve excellent burgers. We needed to pick up a piece of countertop from Ikea and this little burger grill was located only one minute drive from Ikea. So after we got our countertop we stopped for burger at Hölmölä Burger Grill. The place looked like a typical Finnish grill kiosk. It also seemed to be a trucker paradise since it's located near a highway crossing and four trucks were parked by the road. In a...

G.P. -

Celebrating 100 years of Finnish independence at Kirkkoharju school The first concert of my season 2017-18 was my debut with the Kirkkonummi Chamber Orchestra, and also their

SusuPetal PhotoGallery -

  Helsinki          Filed under: Helsinki, sea/meri Tagged: Finland, Helsinki, In colour, photos, sea

Roadside Burger Blog -

This was my third burger with a journalist from Helsingin Sanomat. He's making a story about hamburgers and I was interviewed for the article while tasting several burgers. Morrison's Grill & Green is a small restaurant in downtown Helsinki. Back in the day this place was called Dick Tracy's Diner and they were know to be a quick and cheap lunch restaurant. Only the interior and name has changed, everything else seemed to be as it was. The menu is almost the same as it used to be and they still...

RealWorld . . . can it be? -

Economists are wrong, when they say that the invisible hand will guide resources in the most effective way, giving everyone the best possible outcome. - In the long run. They may actually be right, as far as only money is concerned - in the long run, but if current all over well being is concerned, they could not be more wrong. Yet the world is run by their rules. For the worse of us all. (Well; except for he filthy rich, of course). In the long run wealth may perhaps be distributed in the most...

A'la Annn -

Uskomattoman upea pinkki auringonlasku Suomen taivaalta. Kuva on otettu itseasiassa illalla 26. marraskuuta Helsingissä. Taltioin auringonlaskun Olympuksen kamerallani. Tosin koskaanhan ei kuva anna oikeutta itse näkymälle  ♡  Oletteko bongailleet tänä talvena upeita auringonlaskuja tai kenties revontuliakin? Haaveilen vielä matkasta Lappiin katsomaan revontulia ja kaunista luontoa muutenkin. Incredibly gorgeous pink sunset in the sky in Finland. The picture was taken, in fact, in the...

RealWorld . . . can it be? -

The Finnish Government has just decided to increase taxation of diesel fuel. The Finance Minister Jyrki Katainen admitted that the decision was made to maximize tax intake, now that diesel cars are more popular than ever before. Finance Minister Jyrki Katainen It is commonly believed that diesel cars are less polluting than petrol cars. And less pollution is exactly what Finland officially is aiming for. - Yet Finland has a long history of punishing diesel usage. For decades there has been a...

RealWorld . . . can it be? -

Cars are like birds. Or fish. They move in tight flocks, maneuvering in harmonic unison. Each car following tightly the movements of the whole flock: When the flock turns, each car turns; when the flock stops, each car stops. - Right? How else could cars run just a couple of meters apart at over 100 km/h? What the birds and fish can easily do, the cars can not do. So they collide when something unexpected happens. Causing death, injury and damage. Yet each driver has agreed to play by common...

Roadside Burger Blog -

This was my second burger with a journalist from Helsingin Sanomat. He's making a story about hamburgers and I was interviewed for the article while tasting several burgers. Harrin nakki (Harri's Hotdog) is a typical Finnish grill kiosk. A little booth standing in the corner of local park in the middle of Helsinki. Back in the days the architecture varied from trailers to wooden booths but the city of Helsinki standardized the outlook of these kiosks a few years back. This particular kiosk has...

Plöki/Notatki z podziemia -

Toisin kuin moni muu, en pidä Vasemmistoliittoa lähtökohtaisesti toivottomana Venäjän juoksupoikapuolueena. Jo taistolaisaikoina kriittinen asenne virallista ulkopolitiikkaa ja Neuvostoliittoa kohtaan kyti nimenomaan laitavasemmiston idealistisiivessä, joka tunnettiin myös "SKDL:n sosialisteina". Koska SKDL katosi puoluekartalta jo muutama vuosikymmen sitten, voi olla tarpeen selittää, mikä se oli: lyhenne tarkoittaa Suomen Kansan Demokraattista Liittoa, johon Suomen Kommunistinen...

Roadside Burger Blog -

This was my first burger with a journalist from Helsingin Sanomat. He's making a story about hamburgers and I was interviewed for the article while tasting several burgers. The Kämp was opened in 1887 and it was the first luxury hotel in Helsinki. It has seen the good and the worst days of Finland from two wars to independence. The Kämp restaurants were patronised by renowned politicians, artists, composers and writers. For example, composer Jean Sibelius, writer Eino Leino and painter Akseli...

SusuPetal PhotoGallery -

  Värikollaasi #94 Color Collage                 Advertisements Filed under: color collages, macro, nature, Susu's Petals Tagged: color collage, Finland, In colour, macro, nature, photos

Freodom -

I first posted about Sipilänomics, or Finland's fake austerity in September 2015, followed by further posts on unit labor costs , the healthcare reform and the wrecking of the universities . That's almost two years ago. So how's it going? ** This January, the Economic Policy Council released a report on just that. With regard to the deficit, under the headline "Fiscal policy targets will not be reached" in the summary, the report states the following: The prolonged recession has had serious...

Aatosekonomi -

Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE “Finland has indeed seen a rapid rise in ULC (unit labour costs), but not because of a wage explosion; it’s all about collapsing manufacturing productivity”, wrote Paul Krugman recently, without providing any data in support for his claim. Eurostat compiles a labour cost index; 2008 = 100 which shows the development of an hourly labour cost. By the 4 th quarter 2014, the index rose in the Eurozone to 112.1, in Germany to 115.1, but in Finland...

FinnHits -

(image: copyright by Serlachius museum) Gösta’s pavilion , a multifaceted wood building, offers modern spaces for art and visitors in Mänttä, Finland. Superpop! is Serlachius Museum Gösta's main exhibition in summer 2014. The new pavilion shows the international classics of pop art side by side with the Finnish ones. Superpop! contains about 130 artworks from 23 different artists that represent pop art in many different ways. The artists of the exhibition include Jiri Geller, Damien...

Början av 2000-talet -

Svenska YLE berättade igår om Centerns, Samlingspartiets och Sannfinländarnas gemensamma förslag att göra Finland mindre lockande för familjeåterförening genom att skärpa reglerna. Lite i stil med Danmark då. Min första fråga är: sedan när har de här tre börjat samarbeta politiskt? Det är nämligen inte alls någon osannolik regeringskombination i vår. Och det, hävdar jag, […]

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