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The Darklight -

Hallo my darlings! I haven't disappeared and I haven't stop writing. I did lot of readings for my italian blog where I review books, and work at my own too. The last months have been very busy because I had to complete the second book of the trilogy Orpheus, which will be out  in a few days, so the Publisher told me. The trilogy, which at the moment comprehend only 2 books, the third is an on going work,  will be available only in italian at the moment, although I am planning to translate it...

International University Audentes Student Union -

The students who have not obtained their Estonian Student Cards can order their cards from the office of Student Services starting from September 23, 2008. In order to obtain the card you must be an enrolled student of IUA. For more information please contact Student Services

International University Audentes Student Union -

Payback plays at club La Passion on September 18. Get your tickets from Bill, John or Reet! Only 300! Find more info from posters around campus!

International University Audentes Student Union -

Greetings from Student Government! We would like to welcome all students and faculty to a new semester in a new university! We are all students of Tallinn University of Technology from now on. We hope that the changes are for the better and wish that all goes well.

International University Audentes Student Union -

International University Audentes Student Government publishes the announcement for elections. The schedule for the elections is available in three languages, English, Estonian and Russian.  The election regulations will be published when the registration of candidates begins.  For more information please contact Student Government.

the kick is so divine -

everyday is silent and gray... lähde päivät on niin hektisiä ettei tarvitse pysähtyä miettimään tätä hetkeä yhtään liian syvältä. paljon on hyvääkin, hymyjä. kauniita sanoja ja toisinaan hyviä hiuspäiviä. miksi se riittäisi minulle ? pelottavinta on se kun pysähtyy ajattelemaan. tiedostamaan ettei ole tarpeeksi, minä en ole, elämä ei vaan ole. pitäisi karistaa kiloja. muutama vain. kolme. kolme ja olisin parempi. paremmin tässä ihossani. jotain pitäisi kai...

aura_ -

Viettelen tässä vapaapäivää, aika syntistä olla kotona maanantaina kun muut ovat palanneet juhannuksen jälkeen takaisin arkeen... Tässä loikoillessani tuli inspis laittaa ylös tämänhetkiset kauneudenhoitotuotteet, jotka ovat päivittäisessä käytössä. Hiustenhoitotuotteet: Herbina Marja spa -Ihana mansikantuoksu ja tuo kiiltoa hiuksiin. Rakastan karkki shampoita, olkoon ne kuinka halpis hyvänsä.. Tigi, bed hair moisture maniac conditioner - siloittaa, tekee hiuksista...

International University Audentes Student Union -

The newly elected Student Government would like to wish Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all students, faculty and staff of International University Audentes. Student Government urges everybody to enjoy their holidays and to gather strength for the final exams in January. See you all on spring semester!

The Darklight -

Hallo my friends! Friday 18.03 I will be guest in this very interesting event in Helsinki. I will read my poems in English, Italian and Finnish language. The reading will start at 19.00 and will finish at 21.00. We are 11 poets. WHO ARE WE? So don't be late!!! Fo further informations follow the link. FR33MHZ – MUTANTTIKIELTÄ Caisa Cultural Centre [Mikonkatu 17 C / Vuorikatu 14, Helsinki]  Caisan sali Vapaa pääsy Free Entrance See you there!!! 

Bella-blogit -

Hejsan alla! Mä oon edelleen hieman kipeä, joten musta ei oo kuulunut millään somekanavalla mitään. Oon nukkunut kolmen tunnin päikkäreitä ja silti nukahtanut

The Darklight -

Hallo! I am no longer a self published author. Yes, I have just signed a contract with the italian publisher Lettere Animate, which will publish both my novels: Orpheus Il Demone dello specchio - Orpheus saga vol.2- under their wings. So, both my books have been removed from kobo, Amazon and Lulu. Have a good weekend you all...mine will be surely good although I am still in the mood " Is this really true?" Spring greetings to all of you!!!

International University Audentes Student Union -

Student Services informed us that the year stickers for the existing Estonian Student Cards are going to be available at the Student Services office starting from next week.    Regarding to the Estonian Student Cards for the Freshmen students, Student Government is trying to solve the problem with Tallinn University of Technology. At the moment […]

...noir -

Tuolla toisaalla houkuteltiin kansaa pyhittämään lokakuu kauhulle ja siksi koostamaan teemaan sopiva elokuvapaketti, joka ideana rupesi hivenen uteloittamaan minua. Ei niinkään siksi, ettäkö lokakuu olisi kauhumaratonille, tms. jotenkin erityisen poikkeuksellinen ajatus sillä kiitos Halloweenin moni harrastaa vastaavaa toimintaa nimenomaan tuossa kuussa, ja viimeistään AVGN Monster Madnesillaan takoi tajuntaan koko kuukauden kuuluvan kauhulle. Kuitenkin tuumin, että miksipä ei ja...

Desperatehell -

I overcame a flu and finally I'm able to do something else as rotting on the couch which basically means that I'm suffering from aching muscles due to a hardcore gym training. I hope the cold won't find me anymore during the winter. Sometimes it comes back soon after disappearing and I wouldn't like to be between the sheets over Christmas. I can't believe it's Christmas again! Seriously I hate when the time runs this quickly and I can't control it at all. A year just turned and now it turns...

Antti Alanen: Film Diary -

Istoriya Asi Klyachinoy. Iya Savvina as Asya. История Аси Клячиной, которая любила, да не вышла замуж / Istorija Asi Kljatshinoi, kotoraja ljubila, da ne vyshla zamuzh / Nuoren naisen onni / En ung kvinnans lycka     SU 1967. PC: Mosfilm. P: V. Kovalevski. D: Andrey Konchalovsky / Andrei Mihalkov-Kontshalovski. SC: Yuri Klepikov / Juri Klepikov. DP: Georgy Rerberg / Georgi Rerberg – b&w – full frame. PD: Mikhail Romadin / Mihail Romadin. ED...

DancesWithWool -

Normal 0 21 false false false FI X-NONE X-NONE There are many who suffer from not having light and get depressed during this time of the year. I don’t mind the darkness, this is such a peaceful time. I have lived up here for the most part of my life and I am accustomed to the changing amount of light, the lack of it in midwinter and the wealth of it in midsummer. Our darkness it not all that dark, the white snow that surrounds, reflects and gives strength to the tiniest of light sources, and...

Antti Alanen: Film Diary -

Svetlyi put: Lyubov Orlova as the shock worker who can operate 150 machines. Svetlyi put: Lyubov Orlova sings a duet with her former self reflected in a living mirror. Svetlyi put: a Lyubov Orlova photomontage of three stages of her development by MyShared. Svetlyi put: Tanya is now an engineer and a member of the Supreme Soviet, finally ready to meet Lebedev on equal terms, protected by the guiding spirit of Stalin. Svetlyi put: Evgeniy Samoylov and Lyubov Orlova in front of the statue Worker...

Rio Baile Funk -

As some of you might know I'm part of a DJ crew called Boom Shakalaka here in Helsinki, Finland. This summer is gonna be big for us as things are moving forward on many fronts. When we do remixes we've always searched samples from african, brazilian and other latin american sources trying to dig deep into other cultures. But then we started wondering why don't we ever dig to our own roots and own musical culture. And as a result we started experiementing with old finnish folk and accordeon...

Susannas Travels -

Matkakooste käydyistä kohteista 2017 ja juttua myös suosituimmista jutuista. Keväällä kävin Saksassa. Näin Würzburgin historiallista keskustaa, joka on ehkä hienointa Bavariassa. Kävin uudestaan Wienissä, mutta vastassa oli taas tympeä asiakaspalvelu ja sain vatsataudinkin viikoksi. Tosin moikkaavat hevosvaunujen kuljettajat ovat ok. Sitten otin junan Bratislavaan , joka oli rennompi ja miellyttävämpi kohde minua kohtaan. Siellä näkyi hienoa arkkitehtuuria, linna kukkulalla ja...

Antti Alanen: Film Diary -

Yli rajan / [Across the Border] (1942), a tale of Ingrians and a love affair across the border between Finland and the Soviet Union in the 1930s. The Ingrian woman (Irma Seikkula), her father (Wilho Ilmari), a WWI war invalid, and her lover from the other side (Joel Rinne). Please click to enlarge the image. A Hundred Years of Otherness in Finnish Cinema Finnish Society for Cinema Studies / National Audiovisual Institute / Finnish Film Foundation A Finland 100 Seminar at the Finnish Film...

Negatiivarit -

translation services geelong forwarded microbes  translation services geelong  or just botnets towards your desktop computer one more internet-compatible gadget through these e-mails also rob a person's advice. The actual Adobe translation services geelong car accident is a really wake-up focus on people who still never brows through the substance of info safety measures. You should always be equipped and protected with the translation services geelong who really consider latest alternatives...

Negatiivarit -

Utilized in conjunction considering the other types of tactics already stated and are keeping the young woman almost immediately by any means. A large number of you get not liable afflicted people most typically associated with french voice over so, who robbery your current portable computers not to mention embezzle all the there're able to from the visa or mastercard info, bank advice, email, security passwords, to successfully certified documents one of many other imperative products. You...

Antti Alanen: Film Diary -

Странная женщина / Strannaja zhenshtshina / Kummallinen nainen. SU 1977. PC: Mosfilm. P: Vladimir Tseitlin. D: Yuli Raizman / Juli Raizman. SC: Yevgeni Gabrilovich / Jevgeni Gabrilovitsh, Juli Raizman. CIN: Naum Ardashnikov. PD: Gennady Myasnikov / Gennadi Mjasnikov. Cost: Vera Romanova. Makeup: I. Kireyeva, T. Tikhomirova. M: Roman Ledenyov / Roman Ledenjov. S: Ekaterina Popova-Evans. ED: Klavdiya Moskvina.     The only record at the mother's home: "Мне без...

Bittipiilo -

Tästä viellä kuullaan, vaikka jonkin aikaa saa odotella, kun levyä ei vielä ole julkaistu. Brittibändi keikkailee, ja tulee olemaan jotain, sitten joskus. Jos minua ette usko, niin uskokaa Simmonsia, joka oti tämän brittibändin Kiss II Kruise - matkalle mukaan. Tämä Leogun'in Everyday on vielä upeempi studioversiona, kuin tässä live-versiossa . Wau, en muuta sano.

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