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Light Scrape -

Field 1 Field 2 The photographs were taken in Petikko on December 10th. I commuted by bicycle today, and it took a bit over an hour to ride to work, and the same time for the ride back home. In the morning some of the road was difficult to ride because of the snow, but in the afternoon the road was already in quite good shape. So far this year I have got 233 km riding the bicycle. (Posting title is from the poem Most Sweet it is by William Wordsworth.) Posted by Juha Haataja at...

Light Scrape -

Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 The photographs were taken at Petikko on May 27th. The weather has been changing rapidly, from sunshine to rain to thunder. Now the weather seems to be warming up a bit, becoming less wet. Yesterday and today I didn't get wet when commuting by bicycle. (Posting title is from the poem The Triumph of Life by Percy Bysshe Shelley.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Light Scrape -

Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 The photographs were taken at Petikko on May 14th. The political situation in Finland changes almost hourly, as if we were following a scripted drama. The populist Finns Party selected an openly racist leader, and the government was on the verge of breaking up, but today the parliamentary group of the Finns Party broke up instead. It may be that soon we will have two populist parties, one of them less openly racist as the other one. (Posting title is from the poem...

oh me oh my -

Magpul Field Case for GALAXY S5, Pink Magpul Field Case for GALAXY S5, Pink Price, Buy Magpul Field Case for GALAXY S5, Pink, Magpul Field Case for GALAXY S5, Pink Review >> BUY NOW | READ REVIEWS Magpul Field Case for GALAXY S5, Pink Description The Magpul Field Case for the standard GALAXY S5 is a semi-rigid cover designed to provide basic protection in the field Flexible thermoplastic elastomer construction provides protection against minor bumps and abrasions The Field Case features a...

Light Scrape -

Field The photograph was taken on February 19th. I'm flabbergasted about the situation in the United States. The totalitarian mind-set is taking over, and facts are the enemies of the people. It is as if aliens had taken over the government. (Posting title is from the poem culebra canal by Roberto Harrison.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Light Scrape -

Field 1 Field 2 The photographs were taken on February 24th at Petikko. Now that my oldest daughter is abroad, with a seven hour time difference, I have been thinking about how the world seems to be changing these days, for the worse. It was different when my daughter grew up. The world was getting smaller, and even though there were conflicts, one usually felt that we are living in the same world, with interesting differences between people. Of course, I feel a sense of loss each time I note...

Light Scrape -

Field 1 Field 2 The photographs were taken at Sipoonkorpi National Park on February 20th. The weather forecast promises snow and rain for the night. I'm wondering what the road conditions will be tomorrow morning. I hope most of the snow will melt away. (Posting title is from the poem What In The World by Bill Madden.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Light Scrape -

Field 1 Field 2 The photographs were taken at Sipoonkorpi on May 25th with an iPhone SE. Today I didn't get wet when riding the bicycle. There was an intense hail shower with thunder, but that happened before I started commuting back home. (Posting title is from the poem Vivas To Those Who Have Failed: The Paterson Silk Strike, 1913 by Martín Espada.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Sax on the Web -

Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim This photograph is in the Public domain On December 6th Finland celebrates her 92nd Independence Day. This week seventy years ago Soviet Russia attacked Finland without declaring a war. This widely condemned aggression became known as the Finnish Winter War . Mannerheim's role was paramount for tiny Finland in getting her independence in 1917 and maintaining it during the WWII when fighting against a giant but brutal super nation. Marshal Mannerheim served also as...

Light Scrape -

Field The photograph was taken on October 22nd. In the morning there was heavy headwind, up to 16 m/s, and commuting by bicycle took an hour. During the day we got 6 cm of snow, and it turned into slush. There was strong backwind, which helped, and it took an hour to get home. (Posting title is from the poem The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: The Argument by William Blake.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Laurin matkablogi -

I was able to do my first field visit working with Medair at the end of this summer. I was really excited to meet with my colleagues in Lebanon, both the local staff as well as the expats I work with daily, supporting the field team from Medair HQ. I spent a week in the […]

Finnish Seoul -

The time just seems to pass by so quickly. Every day I get to experience, taste or do something new. I feel so lucky to be here. For the past few days I’ve been hanging around a lot with Otto, Pete and Annina (yeah, that’s right: Finnish people). But we’ve been participating in a lot of culturally significant soirees such as Norebang (karaoke), so I don’t feel bad. Last weekend a bunch of us Finns took a trip the notorious Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), which is the 4 kilometer wide strip of...

2 Teekkaria Japanissa -

Näin lukukauden lopuksi yliopiston kansainvälisyysosasto järjesti vaihto-oppilaille tarkoitetun kenttäretken! Ja kerrassaan hauska reissuhan se sitten olikin. (Bussiin noustessani kokemista pienistä Battle Royal -viboista huolimatta =) Perjantaille ohjelmassa oli tutustumiskäynti Nissanin autotehtaalle Tochigiin, Japanilaistyylinen illallanvietto ja yöpyminen Kinugawa Kanko Hotellissa. Lauantaina tutustuminen Nikko Toshogu -temppeliin ja Kegon vesiputousten pällistely. Itse bussimatkat...

Jussi Hellsten Photography -

Field Day is brand new Finnish design company. The post Field Day appeared first on Jussi Hellsten Photography - Blog .

Light Scrape -

Field The photograph was taken on July 13th. Yesterday it became evident without doubt that the President of United States is a supporter of nazis. In World War II the United States lost 407,300 people, most of whom were military. Now there are evil racists showing the nazi flag within the country, with the blessing of Trump. Who would have thought that something like this would be possible. (Posting title is from the poem My Sister Says White Supremacy Is Turning Her Crazy by Morgan Parker.)...

Backyard beauties -

Viola arvensis – pelto-orvokki Jyväskylä 6.8.2017Kategoria(t): luonnon kasvit, wildflowers Tagged: Field Pansy, pelto-orvokki, Viola arvensis

Light Scrape -

Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 The photographs were taken at Ruotsinkylä on July 24th. This morning I walked for 2 1/4 ours at Vaakkoi, circling around the swamps, eating blueberries and some cloudberries (which were a bit overripe). On the way home it started to rain heavily. (Posting title is from the poem Macha by Monica McClure.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Thoughtery -

Yesterday I found from an antiquarian bookshop a biography of Herbert Spencer written by Otto Gaupp in 1911 (the language used in this Finnish translation from German is touchingly old-fashioned). The book (which I'm still reading) raises Spencer as one of the greatest philosophers who has ever been alive. And for good reason, as it was actually him, not Darwin, who should be considered the father of evolutionism. At his time Spencer was widely respected as a versatile genius, but today his...


Valtsun terveysblogissa on tässä kirjoituksessa mielenkiintoista pohdintaa kilpirauhasen vajaatoiminnasta sydäntaudin riskitekijänä. Suomalaisten tilanne on sikäli mielestäni melko hyvä, että nykyisin saamme lähes riittävästi jodia ja seleeniä suolan jodioinnin ja lannoitteisiin lisätyn seleenin ansiosta. Nämä ovat kilpirauhasen toiminnalle keskeisiä ravintoaineita. Riskiryhmässä näiden ravintoaineiden saannin osalta ovat lähinnä jodioitua suolaa, maitotuotteita ja kalaa...

Katyloo -

I am going back to school. I am pretty excited about it. Lots of exciting things happened last night. 1. H got accepted into the police academy! 2. I passed my entrance exams for college! 3. We received our "lease expiring" notice, and have a plan to move out within the next month! I am seriously jumping with excitement. We plan on moving close to my college, and getting an apartment for cheaper. H is starting academy in June or July, and we will not be able to depend on his income anymore...

The Real Encyclopedia -

I've got many interesting e-mails from all around the world and it was not easy to decide which subject I should discuss. The reason I chose this topic was the urgency. The writer told me that he has serious problems trying to figure out what is this mysterious Nobel Prize all the newspapers are writing about. That is why I´ll give the complete information I have about the Nobel prize. THE NOBEL PRIZE The Nobel Foundation was established in 1900. The first 42 years the name of the foundation...

hobbyprincess -

Image tagging is becoming widely popular. It was listed as one of the hottest startup spaces in 2011, and with a good reason. Alongside video, images are the most engaging media online through which news, music, travel, fashion, interiors, etc....

Webgrizzly’s Blog -

Dear reader, Yesterday and today two rather interesting company acquisitions took place in the internet field. First, yesterday Adobe announced having bought one of the leading web analytics software vendors, Omniture, and today Google announced to have obtained reCaptcha. Omniture’s acquisition by Adobe has shaken the web analytics world quite a bit, at least judging from […]

Grahnlaw (in English) -

After checking the European Commission’s State of the Union 2017 web page , we turn to the State of the Union 2017 brochure , where the next section is called The state of public opinion in the EU (from page 69). The UK’s Brexit mess, terrorist attacks, economic progress, together with election results in member states and abroad have contributed to stronger feelings about the need for the European Union among citizens. Eurobarometer 87 The SOTEU 2017 brochure presents five graphs based on...

Maan povi - The Bosom Of The Earth -

Tervetuloa seuraamaan vuodenaikojen ilmenemistä urbaaneilla maapinnoilla! Kuvauskohteet ovat Etelä-Suomessa yleensä Espoossa, Helsingissä ja Hämeenlinnassa. Elokuun 2006 loppuun asti päivitysmetodini oli toinen, mutta syyskuusta 2006 lähtien pätee uusi metodi. Siitä esittelyä alla: Tämä blogi on osa kolmen blogin (muut ovat linkeissä ensimmäisenä) trilogiaa, jossa tuon esille luonnon ja ympäristön esteteettisiä arvoja ja bioklimaattisia prosesseja. Tavoitteeni on saada...

Daily Loaf -

Mood swings. With a lot less going on at the office this week, I should be having plenty of time to blog away my heart's desire, but, alas, the lack of meaningful things to do has had me feeling less upbeat. I mean, what's life when I don't get to decipher phrases like "Now had removed the Diesel-engine from the Lombardini-engine." Or how about this: "We explained you in our E-mail that we sold one machine and direct after putting tyhis machine in the field it was hot !!!!!!!!!." Wow! Our...

turbolusikka -

"The thing I hate the most about advertising is that it attracts all the bright, creative and ambitious young people, leaving us mainly with the slow and self-obsessed to become our artists. Modern art is a disaster area. Never in the field of human history has so much been used by so many to say so little."

Pilnmēness -

I've had inconsistent week. I've got sad news, but also good news. And own life is better than average. Anyway, our loved grandad - pappa Pauli passed away on Tuesday evening, alone in the hospital room in Mikkeli. He was old, 87 yrs, and had various old people's diseases. Though it wasn't predictable, somehow it's relieving - thank you Pappa for all the things in life. Tuesday was also my father's 55th birthday - that made the day even more inconsistent. I got congratulated my dad in late...

Antti Alanen: Film Diary -

Finlandia: gala premiere for an international diplomatic congress at Cinema Orfeon in Genova, Italy, in April 1922. An extra screening had to be arranged since a huge crowd was left waiting outdoors. Finlandia, finale of Act II: a stunning forward tracking shot from an icebreaker arriving into Helsinki. Finlandia: a salmon catch. Finlandia: lumberjacks. Finlandia (FI 1922) 120 min     ”6-näytöksinen filmi Suomen maasta ja kansasta sellaisina kuin ne ulkomaalaisille esitetään.” / [A...

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