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Grahnlaw (in English) -

After the Main points of EU digital single market strategy we turn to the potential gains and necessary means, according to the digital single market (DSM) communication COM(2015) 192 and the evidence report SWD(2015) 100 . Potential DSM gains and conditions If we try to find the  potential gains from a future digital single market, as well as the required means, this seems to be the core according to the official documents: 1 Huge growth potential Europe has the capabilities to lead in the...

Grahnlaw (in English) -

Politicians joining forces with experts? Real calculations, real numbers and different areas of expertise are needed if people are to decide what is better for them – Europe or non-Europe, summarised Kristina Belikova in the July 2014 story The Cost of Non-Europe in the Gbtimes. She referred to Klaus Welle, the secretary-general of the European Parliament, at the Martens Centre reasoning why the Cost of Non-Europe project made this parliamentary term different (pages 8 and 9): My twelfth...